The Stonewall Gaming Network leadership is made of dedicated Officers that oversee the operation of the network as a whole and Officers for each guild.

Learn more about the Officers of our guilds on their Departments pages (Stonewall Fleet, Stonewall Vanguard).

Public Relations

The Public Relations Officer is in charge of managing our social media pages, promote guild events and recruit new members into the community.

Dave (Voleron)


I'm a gamer and trekker from Edmonton, Canada! I'm currently Stonewall Gaming Network's public relations officer. Follow us on Facebook at StonewallGamingNet and on Twitter, at StonewallGN

Community Manager

The Community Manager is in charge of managing the community, assist running the guildes and maintain community assets.

Nick Swinford


Heya, I'm Nick, just a laid back guy from Chicago, stuck living in Kentucky. I like to spend my free time playing video games, building websites and heading to the gym when I can. If you wanna chat, hit me up! I'm also the Fleet Admiral and Founder of Stonewall Fleet so if you have any questions or need any help, feel free to send me a message.