Code of Conduct

Stonewall Gaming Network

Section 1: Be respectful

  1. Show other members common courtesy.
  2. Imagine how you would want to be treated in their place and act accordingly.
  3. Share common resources fairly.
  4. Include all members in group activity and never actively exclude someone.

Section 2: Do not harass, insult, or denigrate others

  1. If in a disagreement with another member, never resort to name calling or profanity.
  2. Do not belittle or otherwise demean another member’s viewpoint or opinion.
  3. If a member wishes to end a discussion or cease contact, respect their desire.

Section 3: Do not spam

  1. Do not monopolize public communication.
  2. Do not “takeover” channels with your own topic and limit the communication of others.
  3. Do not repeatedly post the same information.
  4. Do not force topics that other members don’t want to discuss or viewpoints that others actively disagree with.

Section 4: Respect privacy

  1. Never share private information another member would not want to be public.
  2. Before sharing any private information, such as contact information, identification or other info, be sure the member has expressly consented.

Section 5: Be a good gamer

  1. Do not use exploits.
  2. Do not remove items from in-game banks to sell or for personal financial gain.
  3. Do not recruit or poach members to join alternate guilds, chat channels or VOIP services.
  4. Represent the Stonewall Gaming Network well.