Etiquette Guide for Discord

This guide is not a list of rules or regulations, merely a few tips to help everyone on our SGN Discord server enjoy their gaming experience. For rules regarding communication in public settings and overall conduct, please see our Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines.

Unlike one-to-one and in-person group communication, a voice server can have several people attempting to communicate with each other at the same time which can be very difficult for one person’s voice to be heard amongst several active voices. For those engaged in active conversation, it is not easy to know or discern when others wish to speak. For those hoping to contribute to a conversation, it is relatively unknown how one’s comments may be received.

During telephone or live one-on-one conversations, we rely a lot on visual cues and slight vocal pauses to help us navigate through a conversation. These helpful visual and vocal factors tend to be absent in conversations that take place on internet based group servers (such as Discord). As a result, misunderstandings, frayed nerves and disagreements may occur therefore to avoid potential conflicts, we have compiled a few helpful tips and hints for anyone using our Discord server.

Public Rooms

Don’t exclude anyone. Public rooms are for everyone so that they can participate in a conversation, please be aware that others may be trying to talk. Don’t hold private one to one conversations in these rooms unless they are of interest to everyone or no-one else is talking.

Be aware of who is listening. Sometimes we can get carried away with our opinions and enjoy more adult topics, but please don’t say things that others may find offensive.

Be aware of the tone. We have a PG-13 policy in The Stonewall Lounge and an 18+ policy in Ten Forward, The Harbinger Cantina and Dwayna’s Tavern. This does not mean that you can’t swear in The Stonewall Lounge or that you must talk about sexually explicit topics in Ten Forward, The Harbinger Cantina and Dwayna’s Tavern. Simply be aware of the tone of the conversation and who is present.

  • If someone in The Stonewall Lounge finds the tone of the conversation too explicit, that person should say so and those involved in the explicit conversation should then move to an 18+ channel.

  • If someone in Ten Forward, The Harbinger Cantina and Dwayna’s Tavern, finds a topic unsuitable, then that person (the person that finds the topic unsuitable) should move to The Stonewall Lounge.

Don’t take over the conversation. When entering a room where a conversation is ongoing, please allow those already present to continue their conversation and then join in. Don’t interrupt to change the topic of the existing conversation unless you are sure that everyone has contributed to the conversation.

Don’t talk over anyone. Due to the global nature of our world-wide gaming network, some people may experience lag and find themselves either talking over someone or being talked over by someone else. Please be aware of anyone trying to be heard and give them a chance to speak. If the room is full of people and you seem to be doing most of the talking, take a moment to ask yourself why.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. If you are finding it hard to get a word in, or find someone’s comments to be too upsetting or offensive, don’t be afraid to say something. They may not be aware how their comments are being received and most of the time a friendly reminder is enough to stop any further upsetting or offensive comments.

Don’t argue. If someone continues to be offensive after you have politely said something, don’t get drawn into an argument or try to retaliate. Simply report the incident to an officer or fleet captain and if necessary move to another room.

Cooperation Rooms

For a guide on how to get along on a team or in a social setting, please see Voleron’s Guide to Happy Guild Interaction.

Privacy? Team chatrooms are for smaller groups who want to communicate without interruption and may require a degree of privacy to do so. Always announce your presence when entering a team room and don’t take offence if the occupants politely ask you to leave due to an ongoing private conversation. If you see that one or more of the occupants have the word “Private” beside their name, then please respect this and if necessary you can always send someone in the room a PM to request to join their room.

Don’t take over the conversation. The topic of conversation in a team room is decided by those who were there first, often they have moved to a team room for this reason. Please don’t jump into a team room and interrupt their ongoing conversation, except to announce your presence. If you join a team room and find the topic being discussed unsuitable for you, then simply leave. Equally, if someone joins your team room and starts discussing a topic you find unsuitable, politely ask them to return to the original topic or to leave.

Don’t overuse the Co-Op rooms. When not on a team or engaged in a conversation that requires few distractions or a degree of privacy, then please use the public chatrooms. Especially when the Discord server is quiet, please don’t leave a single person alone in the public rooms unless there is a need to. We have multiple public rooms therefore more than one conversation can be held publically without the need to retreat to a team room. Don’t be afraid to use an empty public chatroom even if it’s for another game or topic.


We hope that these simple tips above will help allow everyone to enjoy our SGN Discord server and avoid any of the pitfalls that this type of group communication can present. If you have any further questions or concerns about Discord, please contact an Admiral at any time.