Fleet Departments

The leadership of Stonewall Fleet is separated into several departments. Each department is run by an Admiral, the Chief of that Department, with Fleet Captains who assist with the duties of that Department. Each Department Head then reports to the Chief of Operations, the Fleet Admiral.

For information on the Officers of the Stonewall Gaming Network, check the Officers page.


The leadership of Stonewall Fleet is constantly looking for interested and capable members to help in leading the Fleet. If you're interested in becoming a Fleet Captain, please contact the Admiral of the Department you're interested in and let him or her know you'd like to become a Fleet Captain. The Admiralty will then review your application and contact you with their determination.

Admiral promotions happen on an as needed basis. When a position is available, a request for applications is posted in the Briefing Room and all interested parties are encouraged to apply. Applicants will be judged based on their skills, abilities, length of service in the fleets, and their involvement in the community.



  • Send Fleet Leadership Communications
  • Producer of The Stonewall Times
  • Assist with Fleet Development
  • Develop special projects for the fleet

Fleet Resources

  • Oversee fleet banks and other holdings
  • Monitor fleet banks use to prevent abuse
  • Organize banks according to guidelines
  • Monitor resources and provisions

Fleet Morale

  • Plan and facilitate regular social events
  • Promote social fleet events
  • Monitor Fleet for low or poor morale
  • Plan and facilitate roleplaying events

Membership Management

  • Process membership applications
  • Promote new members
  • Keep fleet rosters up-to-date
  • Remove inactive characters

Klingon Affairs

  • Manage the house roster and bank
  • Educate members on Klingon gameplay
  • Plan and facilitate Klingon based events
  • Develop the Klingon house

Shared Leadership Responsibilities

  • Welcome new members
  • Assist membership with general questions
  • Invite and process new characters into the Fleets & House
  • Moderate fleet areas and report breaches of the Code of Conduct
  • Assist fleet leaders when possible
  • Contributing to the Stonewall Times, bi-monthly community magazine