How to Join the StonewallFleet Channel

Since Stonewall Fleet spans multiple in-game fleets and across factions, we use the StonewallFleet channel as our main chat channel. This allows all of our members to communicate with one another while playing regardless of which character they're currently using. We use this channel for organizing missions, answering each others questions and just generally chat.

Please be aware that the StonewallFleet channel is moderated following the SGN's Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines.
Chat Window

To join the StonewallFleet channel, type "/channel_join StonewallFleet" into the input field and press enter. This will add the channel to the current chat tab. To send a message in the StonewallFleet channel, either click where [Local] is displayed above and select the channel or type "/stonewallfleet message" and hit enter.

It's highly recommended that you set a distinctive color and create a separate tab for StonewallFleet.

To add a new tab and configure it, right click a chat tab, such as Chat or NPC in the above photo, to open the Chat Configuration window.

Chat Configuration
  1. Click Add New Tab on the bottom left.
  2. Select the new tab on the left.
  3. Select the Tab Name and change it to Stonewall Fleet.
  4. Click Rename to change the tab name.
  5. Uncheck extra tabs like Local or Zone to filter excessive chat.
  6. Check Team, Tell, StonewallFleet and any other important channels.
  7. Click the square to the left of each channel and select a unique, legible color.
  8. Close the Chat Configuration.
  9. Click on the channel tab to select it.

Only the selected channels will populate this tab and be options in the channel select. You can also change channels and send a message using the "/channelname message" command.