Chris Moore



July 11 2021
Aw thats sweet of you :)
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July 10 2021
Just because I'm a kind person too, I've also donated 100 raffle tickets to be distributed amongst those people that reply to this thread with their handle :)
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Dana Depew



July 10 2021
Thank you as well!


Would love some!
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Jamie Hurst



July 10 2021
Hello and thankyou!

My handle name is Wrenquist@Wrenquist

Thank you again.
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Amanda Levi



July 10 2021
Awww. That's so sweet. My handle is T'Shinot@hoar#7227
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Hai Tang


Pride 21 Raffle Giveaways

July 09 2021

I have 100 raffles giveaway for anyone want one. Please reply this thread with your handle name.

Thank you and good luck 😄
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Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

July 08 2021
I am looking for the same thread as well because I wanted to play with someone! Glad I have seen you here! I will add you right away, so we can play together! On the other hand, before anything else, will you be interested to play angry birds star wars 2 free game for pc with emulatorpc and with me? I just feel like there’s a lot of games we can explore more, and these are part of my top picks! Just let me know what you think!


LGBTQ poetry and lit reading

July 08 2021
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 I love poetry and lit reading and I am very happy that the LGBTQ will host one! It is really exciting! I am sure it will a night pouring out souls and hearts! I appreciate it so much! On the other hand, while we wait for this amazing event, is someone willing to download spades card game for free and play it with me? We can also watch this video right after! I will make sure I prepared delicious snacks so we can have a good time!
Gareth GXV3



July 07 2021

To go alongside the variety of events planned for this years Stonewall Pride, our Raffle is back and tickets are on sale from Fri 9th until our Stonewall Pride Weekend taking place on the 17th & 18th July

 (See here for more details on our Pride Weekend Events & Activities)

You have plenty of time to buy tickets. Winners will be drawn from a random name selector. (the Hat)
The first name drawn will be for the first prize, the second name drawn will be for the 2nd prize and etc.
Once your name is drawn from a hat, you're a winner and can no longer win another prize.

Raffle Winners will be announced during the closing ceremonies on Sunday 18th July.

Last year we raised 2,222,200,000 ec (well over 2 billion) from sales which some lucky winners walked away with, including 60 other prizes.
This year we may not beat that.. but we have some great prizes on offer at this current time. 
lets have a look at our price menu. 
(more prizes will be added if the Raffle grows)

on sale Friday 9th July until Sat 17th July

Tickets are 200,000 EC Each
look out in game StonewallFleet chat or Discord, for a chance to buy tickets from a Fleet Captain or Admiral 
within the Department of Resources.
Ticket Sellers:


- When these sellers are online, we will announce in chat that we are free to sell tickets.
- We will then invite you to our bridge and do the trade!
- we will put your name on the raffle ticket list

- if you buy x2 tickets, your name will be posted twice, buy x5 your name appears 5 times etc
- you can buy as many tickets as you want
- If your name is drawn, you are a winner so your name cannot be drawn again
- The last day to buy a ticket is on Sat 17th July

If you cannot find a ticket seller (listed above) online, don't panic, simply send one of us an ingame mail.. PM or tag us in discord.
We are in Europe & North American timezones so we will definitely get back to you and arrange a meet up in game to exchange the EC.
If we are having trouble meeting you.. an alternative solution can be made between you and the ticket seller.

We keep NONE of the EC raised through raffle ticket sales, as you see in our prize menu all the EC becomes a prize.

Dont forget to check out our Pride 21 event games here:

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Anyone Play Minecraft?

July 06 2021
Yes, and you need a different launcher. Nowadays they do installs for you so it saves you a headache - There's the CurseForge one (Where you can browse mods and install it with a click), ATLauncher which is similar, there's the Technic Launcher, though IIRC that one mostly had curated mod packs. 

Can't help you on how to set up a server though, that's beyond me.

Anyone Play Minecraft?

July 06 2021
Don't you need to do special install stuff for curse forge things?

If you could show me what we could need and how would one setup a server?

Anyone Play Minecraft?

July 06 2021
Minecraft has paid modding now? Oy...

I know there's plenty of sci-fi themed mods - There's Galacticraft for having an orbital station and several solar system planets, and there's a number of vehicle mods. I don't think I've ever seen any directly pilotable spaceships or anything like that, but who knows. Curse Forge is a good place to find those.
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Anyone Play Minecraft?

July 06 2021
I'm not sure about the moving multiblock or pre-modelled vehicle mods. Though it would be a survival server and we could go with the space theme, I saw it on the marketplace unless it is downloadable for free somewhere.


Useful courses/sites etc for individual learning

July 05 2021
Hi all! 
I wonder if anyone is using worth recommending sites, tutorials for self-education, and which ones? 
Do you see the effect of such a kind of learning? I mean can this mode substitute the offline completely if talking about their pros and cons?
Due to the pandemic, everything becomes online-based very fast and I'm thinking about possible ways how to benefit from this if you're looking for a new skill/job so on. 
Closed borders and limited possibilities make you either create something or stuck in the routine.  

If you come across anything you'd like to share - welcome.
Dave (Voleron)


Writing Contest: Left Behind!

July 01 2021


Thank you to everyone for your entries!  The contest is now closed and no more entries are being accepted.  We're really looking forward to reading all of your terrific entries over this coming weekend, after which, we'll announce the winners of Stonewall's "Left Behind" writing contest!

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Joseph Wayt


Writing Contest: Left Behind!

June 28 2021
Writing Contest: Left Behind!

Lost By Joseph Wayt (Captain Milo)

Captain Milo Thomayt Personal Log.
The U.S.S Dunedin has been away from home for the last three months on a mapping assignment at the far reaches of the Alpha Quadrant, My husband Tobias Pascal also a captain on board the U.S.S Capricorn has been away 12 days on a Starfleet mission into the Badlands in search of a particular Marqui ship which has wreaked havoc over the last few months.  His last communication before entering the Badlands and before an enforced communication blackout, he told me he had been given permission by Starfleet command to use whatever force was necessary to stop this particular Marqui crew, I knew from his voice that he knew this was going to be both a difficult as well as dangerous mission but as Starfleet officers we had to perform our duty.
Being part for so long had been difficult and that had only been heightened since last hearing from Tobias.  As the days past by I couldn’t help but worry of what might be happening, I know Tobias was a competent captain and he would be careful but I also knew in my heart that any mission into the Badlands was crammed with danger and more importantly unpredictability.  All I could do was to turn my attention to completing my own mission and to head back home.
We had just experienced what could only be described as a barrage of technical difficulties with the ship which had exhausted both myself and my engineering team when I received a message from Starfleet.  It was a message that every family member fears of receiving, a distress call had been picked up and been relayed to Starfleet by a klingon crew operating at the perimeter of the Badlands.  It was from the Capricorn.
An initial search by Starfleet had been unsuccessful but as a result of a deteriorating situation in the sector Starfleet had called of the search and had declared the U.S.S Capricorn lost.
My heart sank – I was distraught as well as angry, I couldn’t comprehend why Starfleet had given up so soon.  What could I do, I couldn’t abandon Tobias, I need to find out what had happened and if he was still alive.  I then decided that I must get to the Badlands as soon as possible, I ordered my crew to set course warp 8.
The journey was agonising, my head was full of different scenarios of what could have happened.  I knew Starfleet would be displeased to say the least added to which I had gone to silent running but Tobias was my heart and soul I couldn’t not do something.
Three weeks had past and the ship was on high alert, we just entered the Badlands, after a day we picked up a faint signal from one of the U.S.S Capricorn’s emergency beacons.  I couldn’t fathom why Starfleet hadn’t picked this up or why they abandon the search so soon, that will be something I will purse with them vigorously on my return into federation space but for now I was only concerned to find and return Tobias and his crew home.
We carried on searching for two days when our sensors picked up some debris.  It was put on the view screen when my scientific officer said the words I feared so much.
 ‘’ Captain it’s the Capricorn’’
I stared there frozen in time for the next ten minutes I heard nothing of what was being said not until my first officer laid his hand on my shoulder and I heard him say we can’t ascertain if they had managed to get to their escape pods but we must stay confident that they did and we should begin a search for them.
But I knew in my heart I had lost my Husband, soul mate and my world, I fell to my knees in pain and anguish.  I will never be whole again.



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Ted Hembach


Writing Contest: Left Behind!

June 25 2021
Personal Log, 88791.09
Today my counselour suggested to accelerate my rehabilitation by keeping a personal logfile. So, here we are. What to say? Should I say I'm sorry about being killed and revived by the borg, and then killed and revived by the Federation again? I'm not sorry at all, I'm happy to feel anyhow. Life, sense, emotion and individuality, dancing, not to speak of nutrition, all great, there's much to discover.

Personal Log, 89316.53
I don't like operations. The doctors of Starfleet Medical said, I have to undergo seven minor and three major surgeries, until they are able to restore my normal lifefunctions. They also said my cranium implantation is not removeable, by doing so immediate death will occur.

Personal Log, 89317.12 Supplement
There is a small chance that my cranium implantation will function properly if reactivated. This would mean I would be able to access any computer within a quarter lightyear through my subspace communication node, which they are also not capable of removing.

Personal Log, 90492.64
I was handed my service record today. It says my name is Walther Schmidt, born in New Berlin on Earth' moon. My rank in Starfleet was Lt. Commander, my mission profile states that I was assigned to Planitia Utopia as tactical security under command of Commander Ted Hembach. My current status according to my service record is "missing in action", my last assignment was tactical support on a deep space testflight.

Personal Log, 90786.42
Nothing is known about the circumstances leading to my assimilation through the borg collective. The corpse of myself was found incapacitated in the debris of Wolf 359 as Starfleet began building a monument there. It seems I've been floating around there for 39 years.

Personal Log, 91015.17
Today I enlisted at Starfleet Academy, again. Since I am half a machine myself, I should be able to become an excellent engineer. I decided to keep my designation Five of Five.

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Writing Contest: Left Behind!

June 24 2021
Breaking Point: A Star Trek Story

Commander Bridger awakens with a deep breath and looks around frantically. Sparks from nearby consoles were lighting up the usually blackened bridge. Stammering his speech, he calls out “X…XO! Damage report!” Lieutenant Commander Amy Padilla, fully conscious but stunned and sitting against the turbolift door repeats to herself, mouthing the words “We never saw them coming! They came out of nowhere.” Bridger walks stumbles over to her and looks in her face and yells once more, fearing that she had hearing damage. “Damage report!” Amy just keeps repeating the same thing to herself repeatedly “We never saw them coming! They came out of nowhere.” Jack, calm this time tries to talk to Amy once more “Amy…hey Amy.” And touches her shoulder “What happened?” Amy snaps out of her stunned state and looked Jack in the eyes “The Tal Shiar uncloaked an attacked us. They came out of nowhere.” Jack stands up and extends his hand for Amy to grab it. Amy grabs his hand and Jack pulls her to her feet. “Doc? Are you here?” The ship’s doctor runs to them both and gave Amy a scan. “A few superficial wounds. She’s a little shaken up but nothing too serious. She’ll be fine sir.” Jack nods and looks at Amy “I need you to take a second and gather yourself.” Amy nods and paces for a second. “Captain,” says Amy “we have to be prepared for them to attack again.” Jack nods and yells “Helm! Where are we on shields and weapons?” The pilot yells back “Shields are holding at fifteen percent! We are out of torpedoes, but we still have fore and aft phasers.” “Very well! Get ready for another attack” replies Bridger. “Aye Captain!” confirms the pilot.
Bridger orders, “Comms, call for backup. I don’t care if you need to get the flagship down here. We need help…NOW!” “Aye Captain” replies the comms station. “Everyone listen up!” Bridger commanded “The situation is dire. We are losing life support. The call has been put out for backup and if the Tal Shiar comes back, we must be ready. Everyone will head over to the armory in teams of four. We don’t know if we will be boarded. Life support is minimal at best, and we are crippled. We have minimal weapons and shields are almost gone. But as always, we WILL make this work. And if we go down, we’re going to drag these bastards down to hell with us. So, get ready. Get your gear. And get back to your station immediately. Key stations go first. Support stations will go last. Now move as if your life depended on it!” 
An hour passes and everyone is back to their stations fully armed. “Helm, status report.” One of the pilots shouts back toward the captain’s chair “I read three ships. Headed this way. They’re powering up weapons. They don’t look friendly.” Bridger gets up from the captain’s chair and moves toward the viewscreen. Watching the ships approach. “Standard protocol first. Hail them.” The pilot presses a few buttons and there is an error noise. “They are not responding, sir.” Bridger nods angrily “Open a channel to the lead ship.” The pilot presses a bunch of buttons again and the console registers yet another error. “No luck, sir.” Bridger faces toward the security station “Shield and weapons status?” “Shields are at maximum and weapons are powered up.” replies the console operator. Bridger responds with a soft growl. “If it’s a fight they want, then it’s a fight they’ll get.” “Wait Captain! I’m reading another ship. It’s the Odin!” Bridger laughs and puts his face in his hands for a quick second. “Helm,” he barks laughing, contact the Odin and fill them in. These dudes should’ve known who they were messing with.” Captain Nelson pops onto the Fenrir’s viewscreen. “Jack! What have you done this time?” Nelson asks with a smile. “Not much sir. Just getting into a bit of trouble is all. You know us.” Nelson laughs with a reply. “I do know you. I taught you. Hold tight Fenrir. We got you.” The viewscreen goes blank and Odin unleashes hell with phasers and torpedoes, taking out all but one of the enemy ships. The Odin’s transmission can be heard over the secure channel “Take a message back to your leaders. ‘If you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.’ Now get the hell away from here before I board you. An believe me when I tell you: that won’t be enjoyable.” Nobody died that day, and the USS Fenrir was alone in the void. No one will forget today, and this fleet will be stronger for it. Commander Jack Bridger was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valor for his actions and was offered the rank of Captain. Bridger turned the rank down but told his superiors he’ll keep the consideration for the rank of Captain open in case he is inclined to command his own fleet one day.
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Anyone Play Minecraft?

June 24 2021
Oh they finally got moving multiblocks working? Or those pre-modelled vehicle mods?

Are you thinking of a Creative server or a techy modpack ala Galacticraft with added bells and whistles?

I used to play it, not that into it anymore. If there was a Stonewall server I'd be a big maybe.
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Anyone Up for regular Among Us hangouts?

June 24 2021
Is nikki123 a bot? lol