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KeyBay - STO & more giveaway Codes

May 25 2021
STO: T6 ship + Elite service pack give-away
Found by Sizer on our discord.

What's included: 
  • T6 MatHa Raptor
  • Elite Services Starter Pack
    • 36 Inventory Slots
    • 36 Bank Slots
    • 2 Bridge Officer Slots
    • 3 Captain Retrain Tokens

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Adria Dies


Writing Contest: Left Behind!

May 25 2021
Captain’s Log, Stardate (apparently) 98799.12, Lieutenant Commander Adria Schneisse commanding.

Oh boy, where do I start? I woke up this morning, showered, ate breakfast, took over alpha watch, and received orders to watch for Klingon activity. We found some. It was 3 of them versus the Thunder Bay but we had it handled. All we had to do was keep the Klingons distracted until the remainder of our forces could warp out. Then we were to also disengage. Just when the final ship engaged its warp engines, a bright flash enveloped the ship and I guess I blacked out. When I awoke, I found myself in a strange room with moving holographic images on the walls surrounding me. I had never seen such resolution in holographics! A man came introduced himself as Daniels and told me in no uncertain terms that I and my crew were considered dead in his time. I asked him how and he said the battle he just rescued us from. But there wasn’t a battle, just me flying the Thunder Bay in big circles making threatening motions at the Klingons while the fleet made its escape. Daniels then told me one of the Klingons had beamed an explosive charge inside my warp core on one of my close passes. I didn’t realize I had gotten that close and my shields never dropped anyway. I told him that was impossible and to check his sensors again. He told me his agency isn’t in the habit of pulling people out of time without all the facts.

Out of time.

I asked him where and when I was and he told me he was dropping me in the early 25th century. He couldn’t tell me why at that point, just that my specific presence was vital in his timeline.

140 years. One hundred and forty freakin’ years!!! Everything I had ever worked for, everyone I loved, gone in an instant! Damn that Klingon! Damn Daniels! Why me?!? So much for working my way up to commanding a Connie; they plopped me in one and APOLOGIZED for not assigning me a better ship! This 25th century Constitution-class USS Parliament, NCC-1777 comes from my time… almost. According to her history, she was commissioned in 2290. She then spent the next 50 years ferrying diplomats from star system to star system, “proudly serving the Federation”. She never saw fighting and was never stressed. In 2340 she was placed into long-term storage. After the Dominion War ended in 2275, Parliament was reactivated and updated as much as possible. Today, 35 years later, Parliament serves as almost a shuttle role, similar to her first tour of duty, except Federation Space is a lot rougher now. Every battle she feels as out of time as I do.

I joined to be an explorer, not a soldier. This ship was designed to explore, not fight skirmishes.

I just want to go home. End log.
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Rich Ryan


Writing Contest: Left Behind!

May 24 2021
Brought Forward

"You did what?" Lieutenant Commander Santo-Ruiz shouted.
"I'm sorry, Lieutenant Commander." said Daniels. "My orders allowed me to save one person from the crew of the Perth. One. You're it."
"But Captain Al-Rahni, or Lieutenant B'Rixxa, or, or Commander Smith. Jessie..." Rafe trailed off helplessly, eyes already spilling over with tears.

Jessie. The one person who could effortlessly slide through his defenses to touch the real Rafael Santos-Ruiz. The one he ruthlessly locked away deep inside. Who believed with all his heart Starfleet made a difference every single day. Jessie could make him laugh when he did not want to. She made Rafe think about things in a different, better way. Jessie. Who always, always made Rafe try harder to see, and to feel, what the other person saw and felt. Even when all Rafe wanted to do was scorn them for their apparent failings and lack of effort.

"Daniels? How did...does Jes..." Rafe couldn't finish this sentence either.
"Are you really sure you want to know? It will not affect the timeline. So I can tell you. But I would spare your feelings. If you let me. Please. Don't ask about this."

"No! I have to know! Jessie and I, we were going to get married next spring. I've been to Mississippi to meet her family. They, they would have become my family. Her parents. Her sisters. Her children. Now? All of that is gone! Taken from me by you! Not the Klingons. You tell me, Daniels! You look me in the eye as a man does and you tell me how my wife to be died!"

The urge to break something, or someone, rose in Rafe's mind. He wanted to rend, to burn. To kill everyone who murdered the one person who made Rafe feel. Made Rafe think thoughts which were not part of the darkness. Rafe and the darkness were old friends. Long acquainted. Rafe could see the darkness slowly eating him. One tiny piece at a time. Until Jessie came into Rafe's life. Jessie. Who always had a smile or a quick joke. Jessie. Who infused those around her with a positive energy. Rafe never had a chance. Jessie described herself once as a, 'warrior for the Light'. 

"We all go down in the dark in the end, Rafe. Me? I want to go down swinging! I want Entropy's friends to know it's been in a helluva fight. I want them to wonder if maybe this time Entropy could have lost. You're a good man, Rafe. The fire inside you wants to do the right thing. Which is why I love you so very much. But the fire's being smothered by the darkness and the pain. Dammit, boy! I can't help myself. All y'all broody types are my weakness."

"Very well. Commander Jessie Smith made it to an escape pod. Along with two other members of the Perth's crew. The pod ejected and was far enough away to avoid being consumed by the warp core breach. The pod was not far enough away to escape being flooded with radiation from the breach explosion. The shielding wasn't strong enough to prevent injury to the survivors. The medical supplies, the water, and the rations were badly damaged as well. After assessing the situation, Commander Smith hailed a nearby Klingon scout vessel to effect a rescue. The Klingons replied by laughing at Commander Smith. They told her it would be a waste of fuel and time. Commander Smith and the other two survivors discussed and then implemented a phaser overload. Which produced an explosion big enough to completely destroy the escape pod and all of its contents."

As Daniels spoke the horrifying words, Rafe dropped to his knees. Sobbing uncontrollably. The knowledge struck him a blow. Like that from a blacksmith's hammer onto a white hot piece of steel. A blow which irrevocably changed the metal. Forever. Jessie placed by cruel Fate into a situation she had no control over. With no way out. Until Jessie decided to end things the way she chose to. Which was really no choice at all.

It was a very long time Rafe sat there. Slumped over, the pattern in the deck plating pushing painfully into his knees. But that pain was nothing. Not like the thoughts racing through his head. Circling round and round. Like demons from the lowest depths of Hell sensing victory moving swiftly towards them. The thought of never seeing her again nearly drove him insane with grief. But only nearly. Rafe was changed forever by knowing how badly she died. Just as the steel was shaped into a blade by the blacksmith's relentless pounding. He knew he had to let go. Even though he wanted to join her. Jessie, and the promise of a better life, was ripped from his hands forever.

Rafe decided then and there no one else would ever feel this pain. No matter the cost to him or his sanity. It would be hard. Some days it would be beyond unendurable. Clang went the hammer as it beat down on Rafe's soul. Clang as it shaped an edge. Clang yet again as it forged his soul into a tool of terrible power. A blade of great purpose and promise. One Rafe would gladly shove to the hilt into Entropy's throat.

"Jessie? Today I have lost everything. I have no joy, no light, no love. You, my love, have lost too. Not just your life. But the man you wanted me to become. Without you, I cannot be that man. That man had a life ahead of him. Due to your love and joy. All I want now is to destroy the things which took you from me. Which is not what you wanted for me. I'm sorry to disappoint you this way. I wish I could avoid doing so. And it hurts to say these things to you. Saying this might be the hardest thing I will ever do. But your loss, as well as mine, means neither of us can ever care again. Good bye, my dearest Jessie. My light. My center. Forever."
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A Fallout Universe Ghoul's Origin Story

May 24 2021

(Reposting, since I deleted after thinking I put it in the wrong place.)

There's the door. I need to get it open. Who knew needing the mop and bucket to clean up after some kid puked on the floor would save my life. Seems the closet here was sturdier than I'd have given it credit for. Damn it! Open, you bastard! I said.. open! Whoa. I guess I'm stronger now. I think I bent that door. Doesn't matter. I can get out now. Good Gods, that sun is bright. Wait, the sun? There should be a whole hospital here. But there's.. rubble. Nothing but rubble. And my closet. I was right and they finally hit that big, damn, red button.

Okay, forget the mirror. I've got worse problems. Everything is gone. I need to find food, water.. a standing building that isn't my janitor's closet.
It's been a week now and I haven't needed to eat, drink, or sleep once now. Maybe I don't need to. Whatever happened to me seems to have done that. Had to have been the radiation. That's my best guess anyway. How it did this, but killed everyone else is beyond me. Well, most everyone else. I guess I'm trying so hard to forget seeing those.. zombie things that I'm actually succeeding. If it all weren't so horrible, I'd be laughing that those mindless beasts seem to be wearing medical staff uniforms. But it's too real. I haven't seen a single other soul still in possession of their mind. This keeps up, I might just join them. I don't know how much longer I can go without *talking* to someone. *Seeing* someone. The bomb seemed to have fallen downtown. Right on top of that damned metal bean! At least I figure it did. That's where the center of the crater is. Either way, that eyesore is gone. Damned shame it had to take everything and everyone else with it. I'll head west starting tomorrow. There were caves just on the other side of the Mississippi, in Iowa. Maybe someone made it there. Maybe someone survived.
100 years! It's been 100 years since those bombs made me immortal. Hahaha.. I used to hate it so much. Horrified at first. Now? Now, I can be whomever I want! These smooth skins don't know a damned thing about the world before the war, except what I tell them. I could be Elvis. Not that they'd know who Elvis is. Damn it. But I could be! I could be the king of Asheland! Not that they'd know what a king was, either. Doesn't matter. They eat it all up. At least the ones who don't try to kill me. Those who go that angle find out how good you get at staying alive for a hundred *freakin'* years! You get real good, let me tell you. I guess I am telling you. And by "you", I mean me. You don't live that long without going a little crazy. But kings are allowed to be a little crazy.
200 years. Damn it. Kill me. I thought it was sooooooo great when I found other people still alive. Not anymore. No, sir. Stay the *fuck* away from me. Not one of these squishy meatsacks knows shit about shit. Oh, but boy do they all think they do. Some have started worshiping the bombs and their radiation! Worshiping it! It's a whole damned cult! Call themselves the 'Children of Atom'. One of them called me 'Touched by Atom'. Left him curled up on the ground, clutching his gut, after my fist "touched" him. Others now parade around inside restored war machines, stealing anything that even resembles technology, while claiming it's for our own good. Like we really are children. Thing is, between the rad worshiping yahoos and the tin cans, I can't tell who's dumber. All I do know is both want to keep us all in the second stone age here. Just one wants to nuke us all to Hell and back again, while the other wants to take away anything more complex than a flip lighter. Nah. I'm just going to head further west and see what Vegas is like these days. Hopefully people out that way are a bit more sane. Ha! Who'd have thought to put those two things together? Vegas and sanity. We'll see. We'll see who else that war left behind.
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Dave (Voleron)


Writing Contest: Left Behind!

May 23 2021

Another Stonewall Gaming #WritingContest is upon us and we're excited to announce the theme of our first writing contest of 2021: "Left Behind"

Running now through June 30th, 2021, we're inviting all members of SGN to submit a story of their in-game character from their favorite game, whether it be Star Trek Online, Dead by Daylight, Valheim, Fortnite, Overwatch or any other, but we want you to incorporate the theme of the contest into your story!  Might you have chosen to sacrifice yourself to save others?  Maybe you were betrayed and left to be forgotten?  In any event, we want you to tug at our heart strings so hard that we can't help but sob uncontrollably in the tub as we read your entries!

We'll share every submission with the entire community for them to enjoy, but we'll also be looking for the top three entries that excel in three criteria that we'll detail below.  This contest is open to all members of the Stonewall community, regardless of which games you play.  We're so very eager for you, Stonewall's amazing writing talents, to once again share your talent and creativity with us and your community!

To participate in Stonewall's "Left Behind" writing contest, you must login with your SGN account and post your entry here, in this thread, before day's end on June 30th, 2021.  Please use the #WritingContest hashtag in your entries.  Your posted entry must comply with these additional rules to be eligible:

  1. Your story must be written in English (so the judges can understand it)
  2. Your story must be your own original work (plagiarism will result in disqualification)
  3. Don't make your story novel length; we need to be able to read it in a single sitting!
  4. The content of your story must not be edited after the submission deadline of June 30th

Only one entry per community member, please.  While we encourage you to include graphics to supplement your stories if you like, only the written narrative portion of your entry will be judged.  Instructions on how to incorporate graphics in your post can be found by clicking here.

As always, we'll be looking for the THREE stand-out stories among all of the entries.  As we've done in the past, a panel of three judges will individually rate each of the entries in the categories of creativity, detail and impact.  The average of all three judge's rankings of an entry will produce the final score against which, the other entries will be ranked!  The categories are explained in more detail below:

  • Creativity: To what degree is the content original or unique?
  • Detail: To what degree are elements of the story explained in more intricate detail, rather than simply being stated as fact?
  • Impact: To what degree does the story resonate with the reader for a more lasting impact?

The winning contest entries will be recognized on our Facebook and Twitter social media feeds.  We'll also be giving away a participation prize of two Stonewall Credits to all those who enter!  The prize packs are as follows:

First place:
  1. 6 Stonewall Credits for use in our SWC Store
  2. Featured in the next edition of the Stonewall Times, our community magazine

Second place:
  1. 5 Stonewall Credits for use in our SWC Store

Third place:
  1. 4 Stonewall Credits for use in our SWC Store

*Stonewall credits can be saved and/or redeemed for real-world and in-game merchandise through the Stonewall Credits Store.

Good luck to all participants!  We can't wait to read your entries!

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Ted Hembach


Your-O-Vision 2021 - The Results!

May 17 2021
This Saturday we had our annual Stonewall Your-O-Vision Event! It was a phenomenal perfect party with an amazing awesome audience! We had games and fun while listening to this year's Eurovision songs! Here are the results of our games:

1st place - Hoar/AmandaTLevi
2nd place - ThoronDarekMoogie
3rd place - GXV3/Gareth

click images to enlarge

The Stonewall Eurovision Voting winner was "Je Me Casse" from Malta, shortly before the runner-up "Mata Hari" from Azerbaijan, who won our voting last year. And in third place came the "Discotheque" from Lithuania. View all results in the screenshot below or watch the whole scoreboard animation in this link!

We had so much fun, thank you everyone who joined in and had fun too!

Now Tuesday and Thursday will be the Semifinals and then Saturday the Grand Final. We're so excited! And we just can't hide it! Sadly, we learned the youtube stream will not be available in the US, but here are two links with information on how to watch it where:
Eurovision Viewer's Guide
Watch Eurovision

May 18th Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final One
May 20th Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final Two
May 22th Eurovision Song Contest Semi Grand Final
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is there a limitation

May 12 2021
yeah that fixed it, tried to keep them under 1meg and save them as jpeg does the trick! Fanks 'andsome x
Dave (Voleron)


is there a limitation

May 12 2021
No limit to number, but seems to me limitation on file size.  If you save to JPEG rather than PNG or reduce file size some other way it should work 


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

May 12 2021
Mostly STO, Stellaris, Hand of Fate 2(single player but excellent game) destiny 2, I just got that new game thats like among us but its set in the 60's or something! It's called first class trouble. If you're a bit mic shy you might want to skip it as it forces you to work with each other to solve puzzles! 

I play a lot of sea of thieves but kinda stopped playing as much once i hit pirate legend; Sometimes i play rust but only to mess around with the electricity stuff and build. If you're looking for decent group games then Gangbeasts, Magequit (can not recommend that enough), Duck Game, MK11, Dead or Alive 6; Waiting for baldurs gate to be more "stable" before i time sink it.

If you have VR the Bridge crew is worth a play if you have a team of friends that have it!
pavlov, phasmophobia!! 

Almost 400 games i think; feel free to add me :)

Add me!


is there a limitation

May 12 2021
to how many photos you can put on your own profile/wall?

When ever i try to upload photos of my toons i get these weird object errors



Stonewall haiku

May 10 2021
I love haiku, It creates new wonderful words.

Sam | tree pruning
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Hope Is Alive

May 10 2021
This is really helpful! Keep up these wonderful objectives to help people!

Sam |
Percy Smi


X needs an Invite

April 19 2021
Qaerress, a Sith Sorcerer would like an LOS invite. I am online with this character currently and will stay on until about 11:00 PM EST. I'll update this to the next time if no-one sees this while I'm still on today.
Rich Ryan


Hope Is Alive

April 11 2021
Just saw this. Reflecting upon the past year, I can easily see where someone feels like their life has gone out of control due to the enormous amount of nonsense we've put up with. Here are some things I remind myself of whenever the going gets a little harder than usual.

1). It is okay to be less than perfect. Stop judging yourself so harshly. No one except you sees every tiny flaw in your character. Most of those flaws are flaws only to you. The rest of us see them a lot more positively. And no, we're not judging.

2) Friends and family are everything. Everything. Whenever I get to feeling bad about myself, I check in with my friends and family for some reassurance I'm not the giant tickturd I feel like I am. On a side note, Stonewall is full to bursting with good people who would be glad to reach out and help. All you gotta do is ask. And if you need someone to listen or just to vent at, I'm not going anywhere.

3) Mental health is just as important as physical health. Probably more so. People are hesitant to ask for help because of fear. Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Lastly, for those who are the ones people come to for assistance: Listen carefully to what is NOT being said. And simply listen. Don't try to 'solve the problem' for somebody. They've come to you first and foremost as someone they feel they can trust enough to expose vulnerabilities to. This may be all they require.

I'm not an expert about mental health. I do know the things I've posted here help me. 
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Rich Ryan


Gateway To Gre´thor - Guide

April 10 2021
Thank you for this.
Joseph Leyland


Gateway To Gre´thor - Guide

April 10 2021
Very useful for this weekends endeavour, thanks Andrea :) 
Sara Fritz


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

April 08 2021
Computer games aren't simply engaging and a pleasant method to associate with companions. Playing on the web multiplayer games with companions is useful for the mind as well. Studies have uncovered how computer games improve our dexterity, revives our response time, hone our intellectual ability and "improved execution in insight, consideration, and perception."

Sara, company website


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

April 08 2021
You've touched upon a rather sensitive subject here but you managed to do it flawlessly. For a fellow blogger, you deserve a pat in the back.

Daniel | métallique