Useful courses/sites etc for individual learning

July 15 2021
Learning something new is always a good thing! I think the benefits of learning, whatever it may be, are always greater than watching soap operas.
When I want to get acquainted with a topic superficially, I always watch courses on Coursera or Udemy.
But if you need to get deep knowledge, then I would recommend looking for a personal teacher or personal customized courses.
For example, I started to learn to java program on Coursera, but the only place I found really good training was on
You always have to try and find what suits you best.


Share your favourite mangas here

July 15 2021
My favorite is Golgo 13)
Stephen Carville



July 15 2021
Free stuff?  I'm in @ Fiontar :)
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Bob T



July 15 2021
Thank you ! @thunderfoot1007 @Viethai and @jmccomb1979 
for free tickets

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Adria Dies



July 15 2021
Cool cool cool!  Handle is Laneryl@commanderadria#8908
Chris Cerberus



July 14 2021
Happy to purchase tickets aesirkyr 

Also happy to donate some extra EC to the raffle as well :P
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Stephen Carville



July 14 2021
Thank you for organising and all the generous donations too
Blair Smith-Herbert



July 14 2021

I would like to put my name in. My in game handle is @bsmithherbert#0775

Thanks!! :)
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Deon Van Zijl



July 14 2021
Yes please, '@Caleax, and thanks!
Le Roux Els



July 14 2021
'@Suldarion  please 
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July 14 2021
OOoo @sinner68 please ty
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Joseph Leyland



July 14 2021
Thank you all for your generous donations 
Gareth GXV3



July 14 2021
#PrideRaffle update

We have now added MORE prizes to the menu. (21 prizes in total)
Including a Constitution cruiser T6 worth 1.2 bill EC
More keys and a few extras.

The EC prize pot at the time of me writing this is 1.3 billion EC

Thank you to smearcampain for donating the T6 connie !

We still have 300 tickets to give away, so please leave your handle in reply to this post if you want some free tickets, donated by @thunderfoot1007 @Viethai and @jmccomb1979

Any further purchasing of tickets to buy for the fleet will have to be put on hold until we find tickets for the current giveaways.. so spread the word to come here so people can claim them!
If you did want to buy for the fleet, you can add the EC to the prize pot instead.
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Rich Ryan



July 13 2021
Followed the excellent example set by VietHai and jmccomb1979. Donated 100 tickets as they did. 
Thanks, guys! 
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Mo Just Mo



July 12 2021
I would like free raffle tickets in handle is KaosGladiator  

Thanks !!!!

Very kind of you to give out tickets !!!
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Maxxie McKenzie



July 12 2021
Yes please and thank you :D
My handle is callumjw

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Kevin Gillespie


SGN Morale Booster Event

July 12 2021
Shando:  @Vriess is super cool, nice, smart guy. He’s always down to chat about music, food, games, and just life in general. He’s the first person I’d ever spoken to from Wisconsin, and I’m glad to call him a friend 😊
SaintPlazma: Anna  @Balduranne – You are the strongest person I know, your support and friendship mean the world to me.
(also SaintPlazma) – Everyone here means the world to me, and I’m better for knowing you all.
Anonymous:  @Chipz416 – I still feel like I’m in your shadow, you are extraordinary.
Sid Days:  @DanaDark (Neferium) – Dana’s introduced me to the Stonewall Gaming Network. As someone who isn’t a native English speaker and can have trouble navigating my way in a foreign country, I really appreciate Dana helping me feel comfortable and find a community of like-minded people who enjoy playing the same games I do. He’s a very cheerful person and really fun to be around!
(also Sid Days) – To be honest, shout out to all of you DBD folks really, Kevin, Nick, Donovan, Jules, Martin (hope I didn’t miss anyone) as well – it might just be a video game, but like I genuinely enjoy being able to chill out with all of you guys and just have fun in the evenings. Thank You.

*~* Fleet Leadership *~*

RobertJaneway: TedHembach –  @TLara is such a hyperactive, warm personality, kindhearted human being. Every time I hear her laugh on voice chat, it thoroughly warms my heart and puts the biggest smile on my face. She has so much passion in her heart in everything that she does; from the events that she hosts herself to the event’s other leadership hosts that she always makes the time to come out to support. She finds a way to bring joy in the lives of everyone that she interacts with and that is a truly unique gift in the cruel world we tend to live in these days.
Zoxesyr: Empress Kiki  @Kierix always makes me smile. Kiki’s voice always seems to be smiling. Kiki is a great player to team up with and challenging opponent to contend with. As an “Elder Gay” I see all the things I fought for in my life come true when I get to interact with Kiki.
Balduranne:  @Saintplazma - Eddie, sweetheart – you’re a shining star that brightens the day of those in your life with your kindness and good nature. You always have a calming presence and a cool head even in the face of unrelenting anger. If only other people would learn to appreciate you as much as we do at Stonewall.
Anonymous:  @calx – Cal is an extremely friendly, welcoming and considerate person who often puts the needs of others before himself. Such as his very hard work on the stonewall times, a thankless job that Cal still puts his best effort into making it enjoyable for everyone to read. Cal is my fried chicken loving pervert who I would not change for the word.
Ashe: The leadership member I’d most like to call out for appreciation is Nick  @nicholasjohn16. When I found out my sister (who I hadn’t spoken to for 20 years) had passed from COVID, Nick was the first person to reach out to me, after seeing a change to my Discord icon and status. He talked to me and gave me advice the genuinely helped me to heal. I’m not 100% yet and I’m not sure if I ever will be, but I heard his words in my head every step through, comparing the hurt to a button in a box. That there’s a ball in the box that moves around. At first, the ball is nearly the size of the box and everything makes it hit that button, but over time the ball shrinks and hits it less and less often. That metaphor carried me through and I’ll never forget his kindness in that moment.
Vriess:  @robertjaneway (Kevin) – The amount of passion that he has shows in the work he puts into SGN and the activities. He is one of the few people I have gotten to know that seems to want the best for everyone and is sure to bring people up when needed. There is undoubtedly quite a bit of stress behind the scenes for events and activities, and balancing them while playing quite a few different games as well really is an impressive feat from my perspective. He is one of those people where you go “I want to get to know that person better, they seem like they have a good heart”.
Neferium:  @Kierix – Kiki is always a bright spot in-game and on discord. His presence brings a lighthearted atmosphere that allows for a good funny banter in a welcome community. I really enjoy just chatting idly with him as well as in-sto-game events where his personality shines through. I am certain many in the fleet feel the same way.
Devin:  @Kierix  - brings a good amount of humor to a group without being too over-the-top, a trait that is always welcome to me. While talking with him about general topics, or specific video games, I don’t feel like I have to be too careful about what I say which is always appreciated.
T’Lara:  @hippiepunk, you are the sunshine of my life, I love spending summer days on Risa with you. And all day. Wherever. As long as we’re together, it’s a good day for me. I love you.
Anonymous:  @nicholasjohn16, thank you for founding Stonewall Fleet and creating SGN, this amazing community that brightens up my life everday. And, not to forget, our website!
Anonymous:  @Voleron, the fleet messages of the day you write for all of us are amazing and always make me smile. Also, thank you very much for all the social media stuff you do for SGN.
Anonymous:  @GXV3 Gareth, all the hard work you put into organizing our SWC store and the fleet banks is very impressive. I also wanna thank you for being a friend with a glorious sense of humor.
Anonymous:  @Zander_Hawk, your systematic approach to keeping our membership roster tidy and organized is highly appreciated. It’s good to know there is a fellow soul out there with a love for spreadsheets!
Anonymous:  @Niko, you are a very impressive, special kitty. I feel honored to know you and be worthy of your trust. Your strength and resilience are very inspiring and admirable.
Anonymous:  @Kierix, you are one of the most charming, wonderful people I have met in my life. There’s your rainbow hair, your readiness to help, your willingness to call out rudeness when you see it… I could go on and on, but I won’t. Knowing you makes my life better.
Anonymous:   @RobertJaneway, your enthusiasm for organizing events and stuff for the community is exceptional. My respect for you illustrates the ‘diversity is strength’ idea very well, I think, since we are very different personalities, but can work well together for the sake of the community.
Voleron:  @JoystickJoshy – Josh, there might be some departmental favoritism in my choice but thank you for everything that you’ve been doing for the community and to help take some of the weight off my shoulders. You’re always a fun, friendly addition to any team and just raise people’s spirits when you walk into the room. I’m not sure if you know that, but I’m really glad to have you around!
JimmyJoe1a:  @GXV3  Gareth – You somehow always make me laugh.
Jmccomb1979:  @Kierix Kieran – He’s always sweet and helpful, and the rainbow quaff puts him miles ahead.
NicholasJohn16:   @Voleron – The hard work and quality that you put into all that you do in Stonewall Fleet doesn’t go unnoticed. We appreciate everything that you do and how much of yourself you put into it. Despite the current political climate, so many of us know your job is difficult and understand the important impact you have on many people’s lives. You will always be cared for and welcome here.
Shando: Dave  @Voleron – Dave’s one of the first persons I met on here, and he made me feel welcome. He’s easy to get along with, fun to play with, and nice to laugh at – I mean with 😉 He’s always willing to help the team, and does so with a laugh or bantering quip! He’s just a nice guy and friend; 5 stars.
SaintPlazma: Joey   @Jspectre – I love Bowie just as much as my girl; your counsel, and friendship mean the world to me.
Anonymous: Nick  @nicholasjohn16 – You created this, you gave people a place to be themselves, you created friendships, you built a community.
Anonymous: Dave  @Voleron – I have three favorite words; dignity, compassion, and respect and Dave is the embodiment of all three.
Sid Days: Dave (  @Voleron) – Dave’s been super welcoming of new members to the network, and does such an amazing job of making everyone feel included! I would occasionally shy away from playing with the SGN folks since it seemed like y’all knew each other for ages, but he ensured me that I (and everyone else) fit right in.
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Kevin Gillespie


SGN Morale Booster Event

July 12 2021
*~* Fleet Members *~*

RobertJaneway:  @jmccomb1979 – Jon is one of the funniest, most sexually inappropriate, go lucky, always happy, friendliest, and kindhearted people I have ever met. He always finds a way to make me laugh and to put a smile on my face, even when my life is crumbling around me, and it takes everything inside of me to not cry. When I think of friendship, I think of Jon, and how we should all strive to be when treating others with kindness and drive to make those around us always smile.
Zander Hawk: I really appreciate all members and all leaders because each of them possesses unique skills and talents that make the SGN extraordinary. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful and talented group of amazing individuals.
Zoxesyr: Sizer/Mara has helped my ship-builds get to high-end-game quality. She gave me a good education on many esoteric concepts in ship design. Sizer/Mara is always patient with my questions and clear in her responses. She is a treasure that is bringing a lot of knowledge and value to the fleet and armada.
Balduranne:  @Ashe_Odinson - you can have a bit of a temper sometimes, but that’s okay – you’re always trying to stand for what you believe is right and you’re not afraid to put your foot down to assert boundaries. You always stay positive and you never shy away from being supportive and offering help or advice when you can.
Anonymous: Joogoo /  @Traull – Julien was one of the first people I gamed with when joining the server. He was a welcoming and enthusiastic teacher, when you could get him out of the lockers he was hiding in. Julien is a great and inclusive guy who makes you feel at ease when gaming. 10/10 shirtless hunk, would recommend gaming with.
Ashe: So the member I really enjoy being around is Chi-Chi  @chichistarr. He’s 110% sass and puts up with me even when I’m inadvertently being a jerk. He’s one of the most giving people I know and always makes me smile, not only even when we disagree, but especially when we disagree! He’s one of several people I always look forward to talking to.
Vriess@ShandoStorm (Ryan) – Shando has been immensely welcoming and friendly, willing to play plenty of games at the drop of a hat and patient with newcomers to games like Dead By Daylight or Vermintide. Always a friendly voice and seems happy to play and chat with various different people, and gently helping newer players get the hang of things when needed.
Neferium:  @Ashe_Odinson – Ashe has been very friendly from the moment I met him. He has been extremely helpful in games I have played with him and his constant presence has made me feel more like I am in a daily community that is always around, rather than a random assortment of gamers that only rarely interact. I definitely enjoy seeing him on, even if just for a moment before I do something else for the day.
Devin:  @Ashe_Odinson, actively interacts with new people (whether they are in the fleet or not) and can keep up with them, something that I personally struggle with. While talking with him about general topics, or specific video games, I don’t feel like I have to be too careful about what I say which is always appreciated.
Hippiepunk: Hey there, Hippiepunk here! I was to say something nice about one of you, but I can’t just pick one, because I like you all. That’s why I’ve been in our fleet so long and serving here as Fleet Captain. That’s all, Hippie out!
T’Lara:  @Dutch2010, every time we greet each other in-game I enjoy it. It’s always fun and/or heart-warming to talk to you. You are so polite and friendly, interacting with you is always a pleasure.
Anonymous: chemistryset  @AndreaMaria, playing with you is so much fun! I love your jokes and your puns and meeting you in the Dyson zone.
Anonymous:  @LaceyRand, it’s always fun to meet you in-game, chatting about tailor options or dancing together on Risa. You rock!
Thunderfoot1007:  @Vriess, we had a public disagreement earlier this year which occurred in General Chat here on Discord. It could have gone badly. It did get to the point where other members begin posting ‘distraction posts’ to cool things down and divert people’s attention. We will continue to have divergent opinions on a whole lot of topics in the future. Of this I am certain. Vriess has not done what so many others do these days. He has not allowed his opinions on topics to color his feelings about me. How refreshing. How adult. I’m willing to bet he has zero idea about how incredibly rare this is these days. This is something which really ought to be encouraged A LOT more.
Voleron: Martin Fairfield  @jperko – Martin, I really enjoy having you on our Dead by Daydwight team! You’re always the Dwight fit for our party and your super chill and light-hearted approach to our matches, even when they’re not really going alldwight makes for a fun game night whenever you’re around! After all, if it ain’t Dwight, it ain’t right! Glad to have met you and to have you with us!
JimmyJoe1a: Momulan  @Balduranne (Anna) – You inspire people to be who they are, and not who society expects them to be.
Jmccomb1979@Margali13 – She is always happy to be in voice chat and very easy to talk to.
NicholasJohn16: Zelryn (  @Rasilek ) – I miss seeing you in voice chat. 😊 You’re one of the few long-standing members that have been here from earlier on and I appreciate having you here. I always enjoy hearing from you and seeing you around.
Anonymous:  Volkrov The Viking – It’s a pleasure to know you. You’re a joy to have around; a drop of sunshine. I’m so happy to see you trying new things and finding your happiness. We all love you and are excited to see where you’re life takes you next.
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Dave (Voleron)


Writing Contest: Left Behind Results Posted!

July 11 2021


At long last, our panel of three judges have each individually read and scored every amazing entry for creativity, detail and impact, averaging the Judge's opinions to arrive at our top three entries!  The Judge's opinions were surprisingly very varied, so our final standings represent a diverse perspective.  All the story submissions were amazing and are a great read - I deeply thank everyone who took the time to enter.  Everyone's Stonewall Credit accounts will be updated with their rewards shortly, for saving or spending in our Stonewall Credits Store.  We've put together a page to honor every talent that was submitted and we hope you'll take the time to read each of these great entries!

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