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Dave (Voleron)


October 01 2022

Murder Mystery Event


The Murder Mystery at the End of the Universe is the last event of our Halloween Fright Night! This 2 - 2.5 hour event requires you to sign-up below to participate! We were all enjoying a drink at a derelict space station near the edge of the galaxy, where a sketchy space entrepreneur opened up "The Tavern at the End of the Universe". But now the seedy barkeep has turned up dead and we're all suspects! This event will take place in Star Trek Online and on Discord. (Like any murder mystery, interacting with others will be required).

How to Sign-Up

If you want to sign-up, please first check the event time in your time zone and only sign up if you can commit to being able to attend. Each character has a role in unfolding the story and without you, the event can't go on!

Then login to this site and reply to this topic with your choice of one of the following characters. Each character can only be chosen once, so once all guests have been claimed, other players may only join as observers.

A week ahead of the event, you'll receive a direct message on Discord with an invitation to the event and a character booklet, detailing your character's personalities and back-story. We'd ask that you head to the tailor in Star Trek Online and make the appropriate costume alterations to resemble the character you're going to play - but feel free to put your own twist on it. At the time of the event, you'll also change your Discord name to that of your character.

Available Characters

  • Arty Dentwalkder: Galactic hitchhiker, naive wannabe pilot lost in space
  • Beeblebrayne: Two-headed evil leader, wants to take over the world
  • Blade Solo: Swaggering pilot, might be a replica humanoid
  • Bown Teyhunder: Forgetful space tracker, strangely sensitive to mockery
  • Captain Baldur: Former starship captain, bald control freak
  • Captain Studley: Former starship captain, full of himself, not as brave as he pretends
  • Choowokka Wokka: Furry flyer, tells bad jokes in a mix of words and barking
  • Doctor McWhoo: Claims to be a doctor, not a time lord, but no one believes them
  • Princess Bunselda: Seems like a damsel in distress, but shoots on sight. Crazy hair-d)
  • Ripley Connor: Terminates anyone - human, machine or alien who gets in her way
  • Spocky-Doo: Green-blooded dog-like being. Highly logical but says "ruh-oh" when alarmed
Make some Halloween themed snacks and drinks, jump on Discord cam in a costume if you like, and spend some time with us for some spooky fun! We'll see you at the edge of the galaxy!