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Dave (Voleron)


2 weeks ago

Harvest Recipe Exchange!

Lead-Up to the Romulan Farmer's Festival

September 10th - 17th

Fall is coming at us at high warp and, with it, soups, stews, and roasts. For the second  year, as part of the Romulan Farmers Festival (Eitreih'hveinn), the Department of Fleet Morale will be hosting a Fall recipe exchange. Share your recipes - savory or sweet - on the forums, try a recipe, snap a pic, or make a video. Enjoy!
Michael Wynn
2 weeks ago Permalink
Do Starbucks secret menu drinks count ... that is literally the only thing I have lol
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The link above is the 'real' Recipe Exchange post where you can format your text and add pictures, and all that other good forum stuff!
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