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Dave (Voleron)


October 18 2020

Stonewall Hunger Games!



Every week leading up to our big in-game Fright Night event on October 31st, we're running a fun, spooky themed lead-up event, right here in this event thread!  This week's challenge is the Stonewall Hunger Games Challenge!

Those of you who have seen the Hunger Games movies or have read the books know the back-story: Every year, Tributes are chosen to represent the Capitol and outlying districts in a compulsory, televised battle royale death match called: The Hunger Games.  The district whose Tribute is the last one alive at the end is the victor!

How to Play

Simply sign-up to participate (instructions below).  You don't have to do anything more than that!  The story, which is automatically generated, will unfold each day until a Champion is crowned!  Check back each day to see the story progression and to see who's alive and who is not!  The last standing champion will win FIVE Stonewall Credits for use in our merchandise store at


Once all the sign-ups are complete, we'll open betting and you'll be able to cast a vote for which District YOU think will win!  If the surviving Tribute is from the district that you bet for, you'll win THREE Stonewall Credits for use in our merchandise store, redeemable at


Stonewall wants YOU to sign-up to represent one of our 12 districts (games) that we play! Sign-ups will run from Sunday, October 18 to end of day on Tuesday, October 20. To sign-up, login to this site with your SGN account, return to this page and reply in the comments of this post.  In your reply, choose the district you want to represent (each district can have a maximum of two champions), and also provide a link to a profile picture we can use for the game.

District #1: Representing Stonewall Fleet

Tribute #1: @GXV3

Tribute #2: @nicholasjohn16

District #2: Representing Deep Space Stonewall

Tribute #1: @Jspectre

Tribute #2: @Traull

District #3: Representing the Stonewall Legion

Tribute #1: @Saintplazma

Tribute #2: @robertjaneway

District #4: Representing the House of Nagh reD

Tribute #1: @Niko

Tribute #2: @sqweloookle

District #5: Representing the Stonewall Fortniters (Fortnite)

Tribute #1: @jmccomb1979

Tribute #2: @Perseus75

District #6: Representing the Cocky Pallet Jockeys (DbD)

Tribute #1: @ThatIndividual

Tribute #2: @Gravity

District #7: Representing the Stonewall Alliance (SWTOR)

Tribute #1: @NeoGabi

Tribute #2: @Eurrsk

District #8: Representing the StonewallWatch (Overwatch)

Tribute #1: @calx

Tribute #2: @Voleron

District #9: Representing Stonewall Galactic (Flight Sim)

Tribute #1: @JoystickJoshy

Tribute #2: @Rasilek

District #10: Representing the Stonewall Seamen (World of Warships)

Tribute #1: @VietHai

Tribute #2: @Margali13

District #11: Representing the Stonewall Vanguard (GW2)

Tribute #1: @Tourma

Tribute #2: @JimJMcL1a

District #12: Representing Stonewall 76 (Fallout 76)

Tribute #1: @Ashe_Odinson

Tribute #2: @Kierix

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Dave (Voleron)
October 20 2020 Permalink

Tribute Status Board

Daily updates posted at 0600 hrs and 1800 hrs PDT
Special event updates will be posted as they occur

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Dave (Voleron)
October 21 2020 Permalink

As the Tributes Stand on Their Podiums, the Horn Sounds...

@Perseus75 runs away from the Cornucopia.

@nicholasjohn16 sneaks away from the Cornucopia.

@JoystickJoshy runs away from the Cornucopia.

@Voleron runs away from the Cornucopia, .

@Niko snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag.

@calx runs away from the Cornucopia, tearing up out of fear.

@Rasilek gathers as much food as he can.

@Ashe_Odinson runs away from the Cornucopia until he's out of breath.

sqwelookle runs away from the Cornucopia.

@robertjaneway runs away from the Cornucopia.

@jmccomb1979 runs away from the Cornucopia.

@VietHai runs away from the Cornucopia.

@ThatIndividual grabs a sword.

@GXV3 runs away from the Cornucopia.

@Saintplazma snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag.

@Jspectre runs away from the Cornucopia.

@NeoGabi stabs @Eurrsk with a tree branch.

@Tourma, @Margali13, and @JimJMcL1a work together to get as many supplies as possible.

@VietHai, @Kierix, @Traull, and @Gravity share everything they gathered before running.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 22 2020 Permalink

The Tributes Who Escaped the Bloodbath at the Cornucopia Make Their Way Into the Wilderness... Some Seeking Alliances and Others Choosing to Fend for Themselves...

@Margali13 seeks out potential food sources and collects fruit from a tree.

@NeoGabi discovers a cave and conceals herself within the dangerous depths.

@sqweloookle tries to hunt rabbit but has no success and goes hungry.

@Gravity ties himself to the branches of a tree and tries to sleep through the entire day.

@JimJMcL1a thinks about his home district and the Caledon Forest, wishing himself there.

@JoystickJoshy sprains his big toe while running away from @jmccomb1979 and limps slowly to his camp.

@Niko trips on a tree root, spraining her ankle and hitting her funny-bone while running away from @Jspectre, who screams a murderous war-cry while in pursuit.

@GXV3, @Saintplazma, @Perseus75, and @Ashe_Odinson raid @VietHai's camp while he is trying to hunt wild game.

@Traull, @robertjaneway, @ThatIndividual, and @Tourma, raid @calx's camp while he is hunting, stealing precious supplies and a secret stash of pornography.

@nicholasjohn16 and @Rasilek work together to corner Kierix, drag him to a nearby stream and drown him as he screams for mercy.

@Voleron constructs a shack for shelter. He stops when he observes @Kierix's lifeless body floating down the nearby stream, cries, and wonders how it all came to this.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 22 2020 Permalink

The Night is Dark, and Full of Terrors...

@Ashe_Odinson attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful, spending the entire night shivering alone in the cold.

@Margali13 climbs a tree to rest and narrowly escapes falling to her death...

@robertjaneway tends to his wounds, using a compound of eucalyptus and beetle dung as a foul smelling healing agent.

@nicholasjohn16 thinks about winning for his District and the glory that would bring. He thinks about his ally @Rasilek and fantasizes about what could have been... in a different world. He knows that to survive, he'll have to kill him.

Feeling defeated without his supplies or pornography, @calx screams for help.

After a physically and mentally exhausting day of drowning his former friend in order to survive, @Rasilek passes out from exhaustion.

@NeoGabi and @Niko run into each other and decide to a truce for the night.

After a brutal, all-out 10 minute fist fight, @Voleron mounts @GXV3 's surrendered body and strangles the last life out of him.

@jmccomb1979 shoots a poisonous blow dart into @Tourma's neck, causing a slow and painful death as the toxin tediously permeates every organ in her body.

@JimJMcL1a sneaks up behind @Traull and strangles him to death with a dangling vine.

@sqweloookle barely fends off @Perseus75, @Saintplazma, and @ThatIndividual from his fire, as they encircle his camp like vultures waiting for the first sign of weakness.

@Jspectre, @Gravity, @JoystickJoshy, and @VietHai group up together and snuggle overnight for warmth and security while sleeping in shifts. A lone wolf howls in the distance, as @Gravity sobs uncontrollably at the thought of Traull's death and his own, looming mortality.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 23 2020 Permalink

"Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here..."

@Margali13 uses soiled leaves, rotten sticks and a pig skin to construct a make-shift tent in preparation for nightfall.

@JimJMcL1a resolves himself to escaping the hell that is the arena and dies from falling down a ravine and becoming impaled on a jagged tree stump, his innards splayed for the crows to feed.

@VietHai chases @Voleron away, after finding him skulking around his camp, looking through his unmentionables.

@calx runs away from @robertjaneway, who is hot in pursuit with murderous intent, after hearing @calx's cry for help.

@ThatIndividual steals wild berries and hair gel from @NeoGabi's backpack while she drinks like a fawn from a stream.

@Jspectre stalks nicholasjohn16 from the bushes, breathing heavily whilst waiting for the perfect moment to strike as he bathes in a nearby creek, the morning dew glistening on his supple skin.

@Niko, @JoystickJoshy, @Gravity, and @Ashe_Odinson form a temporary coalition and go on the hunt for other Tributes while being gleefully boisterous, foolishly thinking themselves safe in numbers.

@Perseus75, @Saintplazma, @jmccomb1979, @sqweloookle, and @Rasilek form a wolfpack and begin tracking the weakest of the tributes. When they find no one by day's end, @Saintplazma begins to consider making the wolf an endangered species.

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October 23 2020 Permalink

"Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!"

Laying uncomfortably next to his fellow wolfpack members, @jmccomb1979 worries about betrayal, wishing desperately to be home and subtly tapping his heels together thrice, hoping it to be true.

@Gravity cries himself to sleep, hoping his coalition won't notice his vulnerability, while staving off the horrific pangs of hunger gnarling through his hollow stomach.

@Perseus75 tries to cleanse his already pussing infection with swamp water; the only readily accessible liquid, save that of his own urine... and he's doesn't feel the situation merits that measure quite yet.

@Voleron cooks a horrifically tasting armadillo looking thing of unknown prehistoric origins before putting his fire out and drifting off into unconsciousness in a shrubbery, so as not to be easily found.

@Saintplazma quietly hums Bayu Bayushki Bayu while slowly descending into madness beneath the pale moonlight of the eerie night.

@robertjaneway longs for home and wishes for a family he'd never had, instead of being sent into the arena and to his likely death.

@sqweloookle remembers a television series from his childhood and looks up at the night sky, hoping he'd be beamed away.

@NeoGabi lets @ThatIndividual into her shelter as light rain begins to fall, but later regrets the choice amidst the horrific snoring that ensues.

@VietHai and @JoystickJoshy run into each other. Cunningly convincing @VietHai that this may well be their last night alive, @JoystickJoshy encourages a truce for the night... with certain benefits that shall go unmentioned.

@Niko and @Margali13 talk about the Tributes still alive and rank them in order of attractiveness, giggling quietly like school girls under the night sky until they fall asleep in each other's arms.

@Ashe_Odinson desperately fends @Rasilek, @nicholasjohn16, and @Jspectre away from his fire as they encircle and taunt him like ravenous hyenas, throwing rocks and sharpened sticks at him for several hours without ever mustering the courage to move in for the kill.

@calx receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 24 2020 Permalink

"“Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble.”"

Descending further and further into madness, @Saintplazma rocks back and forth in the forest by his lonesome, reciting verses from the Wrath of Khan while cackling to himself...

Using a dowsing rod and the tongue of an expired frog, @jmccomb1979 crafts a slingshot.

Having been abandoned by the wolf pack and having not eaten in over a day, @sqweloookle collects some pineapple from a tree, desperately gnawing through the bark to get to the juicy innards the fruit has to offer.

@NeoGabi and @ThatIndividual injure themselves as @NeoGabi forcibly revokes @ThatIndividual's tenancy in her camp.

@Margali13 wrangles up and defeats @calx as he tries to scurry away from her during a ground fight, but her sense of morality prevents her from killing him and she decides to spare his life.

Their temporary coalition having run its due course, @JoystickJoshy runs away from @Ashe_Odinson, who chases him with a large cudgel as he grins sadistically from ear to ear.

When the food supply runs thin, the wolves begin to turn on one another. @Rasilek attacks @Perseus75, biting him ferociously on his upper thigh and drawing blood that seems to feed @Rasilek's ravenous fury. @Perseus75 manages to barely escape the unprovoked assault.

@robertjaneway runs away from @VietHai, who gives chase with every bit of energy he can muster.

@Voleron overhears @Jspectre and @Niko talking in the distance, and creeps carefully through the busy to within range of the conversation...

@Gravity ambushes @nicholasjohn16 as he walks through the forest and bludgeons him with a dull rock, slamming it into his head repeatedly until he's dead. Exhausted and remorseful in the minutes that follow, @Gravity kisses the supple lips of @nicholasjohn16's lifeless corpse before leaving it for the crows.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 24 2020 Permalink

"Forget the Future, Forget the Past, Life is Over, Breathe Your Last."

@VietHai receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

Satisfied with the intelligence he's gathered from overhearing last night's conversation, @Voleron withdraws to a remote area and starts a small fire for warmth, hoping not to be seeen.

In a different part of the arena, @calx desperately tries to start a fire using kindling, rocks and fabric from his torn shirt, but is unable to get one going and sleeps without warmth, shivering through the night. Now, more than ever, he wishes for his stolen porn collection.

@NeoGabi climbs a tree to rest for the night, just thankful to be free of that nuisance that was @ThatIndividual. Reflecting back on things, she wishes she'd have smothered him with a pillow in his sleep when she'd had the chance.

Shaken moreso by his act of violence than he'd originally believed possible, @Gravity stays awake all night, re-living the murder of @nicholasjohn16 over and over in his mind, babbling to himself while repeatedly washing his hands in a stream like Lady MacBeth.

With nights becoming increasingly cold, @sqweloookle convinces @Niko to snuggle with him for companionship and warmth. The pair sleep well into the morning.

@robertjaneway and @Margali13 tell stories about themselves to each other. @robertjaneway is just happy to talk, and talk... and ... talk. @Margali13 is happy to collect intelligence that may prove valuable later on.

While others tried to find precious warmth and sleep, @Perseus75 remained awake, skulking through the forest following the sounds of snoring to a nearby camp, and indiscriminately bashed through the make-shift shelter with a mace, smashing @Saintplazma's head in, splintering in into pieces as a warning to other Tributes.

@ThatIndividual ambushes @Rasilek while he cooks a fish over his fire, choking him to unconsciousness and kicking his lifeless corpse into the blaze, while he enjoys some deliciously cooked fish.

Oblivious to the violence being perpetrated elsewhere in the arena, @JoystickJoshy, @Ashe_Odinson, and @jmccomb1979 discuss the games and what the morning might bring.

@Jspectre is awoken part-way through the night by nightmares of the deaths of his former friends @Rasilek and @nicholasjohn16. He stares at the night sky until it gives way to the light of day number four...

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Dave (Voleron)
October 25 2020 Permalink

A New Terror Born in Death...

Thinking of the necessity of planning for the long-game, @jmccomb1979 constructs an actually fairly impressive shack. Although not entirely discrete, it's a defensible position.

@Margali13 explores the arena, using some of the knowledge foolishly disclosed to her during the previous night's discussions.

Hungry and exhausted from a long night of mental deterioration, @Gravity walks around aimlessly until he finds a fruit bearing tree, from which he collects.

@Ashe_Odinson and @VietHai agree to a plan to split up for the day to independently search for resources and to reconvene before nightfall to share their haul.

@sqweloookle runs away from @Voleron, who he sees is in hot pursuit with a sharpened tree branch and seemingly wearing a the skull of a fallen tribute as a helmet. "This guy's fucking nuts!" he thinks to himself as he struggles to gain distance from his pursuer.

@NeoGabi steals from @ThatIndividual's pack while he isn't looking, thinking herself clever, but is astonished to find her hair gel and berries that she assumed she'd simply lost! Her dislike of him grows exponentially.

Noticing @calx seemingly setting up a trap using what appears to be some sort of explosive device, @JoystickJoshy decides to dispense with the threat and shoots an arrow into @calx's head. After a few seconds of twitching, @calx falls to the ground in a lifeless heap.

Having come across an unsuspecting group of Tributes, @Perseus75 holds @robertjaneway at arrow-point and forces him to kill either @Niko or @Jspectre to save his own life. With @Perseus75's arrow trained squarely at his chest, @robertjaneway decides to kill @Niko, plunging his dagger into her throat as @Jspectre watches on and screams in despair, but relieved that he wasn't chosen. Collapsing to his knees in agony, @robertjaneway stares at his blood soaked hands, grits his teeth and vows revenge, as @Perseus75 laughs sadistically and walks away.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 25 2020 Permalink

Et tu, Brute?

@robertjaneway starts a fire using only his pure, unadulterated hatred of Perseus75.

@Ashe_Odinson questions his sanity after @VietHai fails to return from his expedition to share his haul as planned. Ashe is fairly certain they agreed to meet back up... but where is VietHai?

Meanwhile, as @VietHai lives the hai life, gorging on his many provisions that he's chosen not to share, an unknown sponsor gifts him fresh food.

@sqweloookle spent the night quietly humming to himself while rocking back and forth underneath the canopy of a tree.

Seeking a physical connection to ground him mentally, @Gravity convinces @ThatIndividual to hold hands. Meanwhile, @ThatIndividual sets his eyes on getting that much closer to @Gravity's supply pack...

@Margali13 precariously chooses to attempt to fend @NeoGabi, @Jspectre, and @jmccomb1979 away from her fire using raw aggression and it works. The would-be assailants decide not to risk injury and eventually leave.

Finding him scouting alone, @Perseus75 and @JoystickJoshy train their arrows on @Voleron, who narrowly dodges the first volley of their ranged arsenal. A frantic chase ensues through the forest for several kilometers, with arrow after arrow drawn from their quivers screaming within inches of @Voleron's face, but repeatedly failing to make their mark. His leopard like reflexes having nearly outwitted his pursuers, they contemplate giving up the chase, when suddenly the forest terrain transforms into a rocky ledge. With nowhere left to run, @Voleron spins on his heels and launches his hatchet at @Perseus75, who narrowly side-steps the deadly projectile, the authentic moment of mortal fear in his eyes slowly replaced with smug and arrogant confidence. "Get on with it then!" @Voleron spits, as @Perseus75 and @JoystickJoshy take slow aim and launch a final, deadly salvo at their target, who falls lifelessly off the cliff. A flock of white doves scatter as @Voleron's falling corpse disturbs their sleep, in what viewers rate the most unquestionably heroic death of the games so far.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 26 2020 Permalink

Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead

@robertjaneway harvests some flora, hoping to find toxic plants and use their petals to develop some sort of putrid serum in which he could dip his weapon. Unlike in the movies, however, toxic plants aren't actually found in abundance and he essentially spends the day just picking flowers.

@VietHai desperately searches for firewood so that he can finally cook the gourmet meal his mysterious sponsor had gifted him. Hardly having gone hungry, he decides that he wants to indulge himself, just in-case the worst were to happen.

Parched from his attempt at Margali's life the previous night, @Jspectre searches for a fresh water source; one that ideally hasn't been contaminated by the urine, blood and soiled bath water of the other Tributes these past few days.

Feeling compelled to ensure that their arsenal is topped up, @jmccomb1979 and @ThatIndividual each spend the afternoon sharpening branches into wooden javelin and carve the names of each of the remaining Tributes into the tip of each spear. A devious smile consumes their faces as they begin to carve each other's names into the last of their projectiles, glancing briefly at one another but then averting their gaze.

@sqweloookle charges toward @NeoGabi with weapon drawn, but @NeoGabi pivots to face her incoming attacker, displaying intimidating warpaint artistry on her face, and a sword much larger than his. Letting out a robust, spine-chilling warcry, @sqweloookle re-assesses his course of action and retreats.

In the middle of an open plain, @JoystickJoshy and Margali13 square off, almost as though re-creating an arcade fighter scene. Both draw their bows and take aim, parrying each other's opening shots as they charge toward one another. As they draw near, @JoystickJoshy discards his bow for a dagger, transitions into a slide and slices through Margali13's Achilles tendon. As she limps away severely injured, @JoystickJoshy plunges his dagger into her back, putting Margali13 out of her misery.

Meanwhile, deep in the depths of the forest, @Gravity, @Perseus75, and @Ashe_Odinson get into a fight. The trio form a circle, carefully eyeing one another, determining who will make the first move. Brawn jump into action first, with @Perseus75 and @Ashe_Odinson charging to meet each other's blades. Both strikes connect with each other's arms, causing them to drop their respective weapons. They re-center themselves and resort to their fists to convey their aggression, trading blows until @Ashe_Odinson falls on his back. The snide, confident smirk returns to @Perseus75's face as he reaches for the ground to re-equip his blade in order to finish off his fallen adversary, only to realize... it's no longer there. Wielding the lost steel behind him, @Gravity plunges it through @Perseus75's body, causing him to fall on @Ashe_Odinson, also impaling and killing him. Though the result of mostly sheer luck, @Gravity feels triumphant in his victory over both of them.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 26 2020 Permalink

Just an Uneventful Night...

His belly full but his spirit empty, @VietHai loses sight of where he is and ends up in a dangerous head space.

@jmccomb1979 spends the night cold, alone and thinking about home.

Seeking revenge for yesterday's attempt on her life, @NeoGabi searches the forest until she comes across @sqweloookle's camp and destroys his supplies while he's asleep.

Completely exhausted from five long days in the arena, @Jspectre, @robertjaneway, @JoystickJoshy, @Gravity, and @ThatIndividual agree to sleep in shifts so that every member of the party can get a bit of rest overnight.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 27 2020 Permalink
The Cornucopia is replenished with much needed food and supplies. Some Tributes are tempted to risk their lives to collect precious items to help them survive the games longer, while others play it safe...

@ThatIndividual, @Gravity, @JoystickJoshy, and @Jspectre decide not to risk death or injury and do not go to the feast.

Watching from the bushes until the clearing appears safe, @jmccomb1979 sprints toward the Cornucopia and stuffs a bundle of dry clothing into a backpack before sprinting away. It wasn't the haul that he'd hoped for, but he wasn't willing to risk spending any more time in the open.

@sqweloookle and @VietHai encounter one another at the Cornucopia and attack one another on sight. @VietHai swings first, slicing through the shoulder strap of @sqweloookle's backpack, narrowly failing to connect with his chest. The momentum of @VietHai's missed swing exposes his left side and @sqweloookle takes full advantage by plunging his axe into @VietHai's shoulder over and over until he falls to the ground, dead, a stream of blood moistening the field.

As @robertjaneway collects precious food, @NeoGabi ambushes him from behind, jabbing her knife into his back. Luckily, the weapon fails to penetrate @robertjaneway's backpack and he spins on his toes, delivering a swift back-hand blow to @NeoGabi's face. @robertjaneway climbs the Cornucopia for higher ground, but @NeoGabi is right on his heels. The pair square off on top of the structure, @robertjaneway taking the offensive, landing blow after blow on his beleaguered opponent. He pulls out his own knife and lunges for @NeoGabi, who uses her last ounce of strength to sidestep the attack and push @robertjaneway off the Cornucopia. He lands awkwardly on the ground head-first, snapping his neck.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 27 2020 Permalink

And Then There Were Three...

Famished from the fierce fight at the feast and having sprinted away from the battlezone, leaving her pack behind in a panic, @NeoGabi returns to the usual practice of collecting small fruits from a tree in an effort to survive.

Likewise, having only collected dry clothing from the feast, @jmccomb1979 resorts to picking berries to sustain himself and is pricked by thorns while doing so. He hopes the barbs not to be toxic.

Sleeping in proximity to so many men the previous night, @JoystickJoshy finds himself in desperate need of dry clothing after having elected not to risk the bloodbath of the feast. He searches for dead fall with which to start a fire for warmth and to dry his clothing and more importantly, his unmentionables.

Having had enough of these morbid games, @sqweloookle and @ThatIndividual resolve themselves to escaping the arena. They know it's a manufactured environment and believe that if they walk far enough in one direction that they'll naturally encounter a wall and hope to find an escape. They hike for kilometers until finally coming to what appears to be the edge of the environment, separated only by what appears to be an algae ridden creek. Thinking themselves nearly to freedom they wade across the brook, but shortly after exposing their abdomen to the liquid, they realize that something is very wrong. Their flesh begins to burn; at first they think it a simple itch, but within seconds, the highly acidic liquid begins to devour their dermis and their bones. Shrieking in pain, the pair are consumed by the acid in which they are submerged, leaving nothing but a foul stench behind them.

@Jspectre and @Gravity encounter one another at the edge of a cliff. They draw their respective weapons: a tomahawk and a stiletto that they both wield, staring at one another, each waiting for the other to make their move. As the minutes drone on in deadlock, the pair have what the Klingons call "tova'dok", a moment of clarity between warriors on the field of battle. But unlike the Klingons, @Jspectre and @Gravity were not warriors. They knew in that moment that they could not come to do harm to one another. The pair make a double-suicide pact and on their collective count of three, impale one another with their deadly devices. They collapse to their knees, face to face, the life draining from their pursed lips and injured vessels. They lean until they collapse sideways together over the cliff, embracing one another in close friendship as they fall.

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Dave (Voleron)
October 28 2020 Permalink

A Victor Emerges...

Feeling dizzy, nauseous and disoriented from days of starvation and attempts to sustain herself on merely small berries, @NeoGabi begins to experience delusions. Giggling, she stumbles through the forest, lost in her hallucinations, letting the petals of the flora caress her hands as she skips, teetering on losing her balance with every other step. Finding her way to a pond, she lays back in the water, staring up at the sky and picturing herself home, until the few remaining nutrients in her body are simply no longer sufficient to sustain her and she dies of hunger.

Senses heightened, @jmccomb1979 makes his way through the forest in search of remaining Tributes. He's sure that he heard laughing coming from this direction and is intent on finding his prey, not realizing that @NeoGabi's boisterousness had also attracted another predator. Concentrating on every possible angle of attack on the two dimensional plane, @jmccomb1979 doesn't notice @JoystickJoshy waiting on a tree branch above. As he passes, @JoystickJoshy jumps from the tree, attacking @jmccomb1979 with all his vigor. @jmccomb1979 desperately attempts to access his axe as the pair exchange blows, unable to locate it on his belt in the panic. His tactile senses failing him, he momentarily dedicates his gaze to his waist and locates his weapon, however, @JoystickJoshy takes advantage of the distraction and plants his knife squarely into @jmccomb1979's chest. He staggers, collapses to his knees, looks at the knife and lets out a hearty laugh before finally falling over dead, leaving but one victor of the first Stonewall Hunger Games!

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Dave (Voleron)
October 28 2020 Permalink

Tribute Placements

  1. @JoystickJoshy
  2. @NeoGabi
  3. @jmccomb1979
  4. @ThatIndividual
  5. @sqweloookle
  6. @Gravity
  7. @Jspectre
  8. @robertjaneway
  9. @VietHai
  10. AsheOdinson
  11. @Perseus75
  12. @Margali13
  13. @Voleron
  14. @Niko
  15. @calx
  16. @Rasilek
  17. @Saintplazma
  18. @nicholasjohn16
  19. @JimJMcL1a
  20. @Tourma
  21. @Traull
  22. @GXV3
  23. @Kierix
  24. @Eurrsk

District Placements

1. District9
2. District7
3. District5
4. District6
5. District4
6. District2
7. District3
8. District10
9. District12
10. District8
11. District1
12. District11

Kills by Tribute

4: @JoystickJoshy
3: @Gravity
2: @NeoGabi
2: @Perseus75
1: @JimJMcL1a
1: @robertjaneway
1: @Rasilek
1: @Voleron
1: @sqweloookle
1: @nicholasjohn16
1: @ThatIndividual
1: @jmccomb1979

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October 28 2020 Permalink

Stonewall Credit Winnings!

Thank you all who participated in the first ever Stonewall Hunger Games event! Stonewall Credits will be awarded to the first, second and third place Tributes, as detailed below.

Before the games, we also asked you to bet on which District would come out on top. If you bet on the district that one, you'll receive 3 Stonewall Credits. If you bet on a distrcit that placed second or third, you'll receive 2 or 1 Stonewall Credit, respectively!

You can check your Stonewall Credit balance and save or redeem your credits for in-game and real-world merchandise by logging into this site with your Stonewall account, clicking the drop down menu underneath your avatar on the top menu bar, and clicking 'wallet'!

5 SWC: @JoystickJoshy (1st Place)
4 SWC: @NeoGabi (2nd Place)
3 SWC: @jmccomb1979 (3rd Place)

3 SWC: @calx (Bet on District 9, which won)
2 SWC: @MaxwellSin (Bet on Distrcit 7, which placed 2nd)
1 SWC: @silver8882 (Bet on District 5, which placed 3rd)
1 SWC: @Perseus75 (Bet on District 5, which placed 3rd)
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