Stonewall's Awarness Screenshot

Stonewall's Awarness Screenshot's Notes

Edward Lloris


Thank you all for coming out today, it wouldn't have happened without you. @Niko your idea was as awesome as you are thank you. @Kierix I enjoyed scouting out locations with you, it couldn't have happened without you. @Voleron and @GXV3 thank you for your support and energy behind this. @Balduranne your achievement today was nothing short of amazing, the ribbon looked better than I thought possible. #Wearestonewall
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Kieran Kiki


So going to be there to demo record
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Dave (Voleron)


I’ll be there in pink!
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Kevin Van Eeten


What a great idea for a very important cause, @niko! Set phasers to pink and show the world what we as a community can achieve!
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Fleur Bellerose


Am here!
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Thank you all for your interest! Due to feedback, we will be pushing the event two hours later to 5PM GMT so NA West Coast can be awake while participating :) Please re-check the event for your timezone.
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Pink power! Look at all the glowiness!
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Gareth GXV3


I think the Galaxy class would make a strong and fitting ship for this event! pinky-winky shields ready!!
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