Honourable warriors of Nagh'reD! Join me, Captain Kiki, on Saturday 1st February at 19.00 UTC for this months May'Qep!

Warrior, will you help us?

The Fleet resources department needs our help to grind for more colony provisions to ensure we can get Nagh'red's colony up to T5!

We will be running a variety of missions to collect Ore, Batteries and Luxuries to ensure the survival of our colony! Wi...

Join us in #StarTrekOnline for our annual White Winter Whirl! A day filled with frosty fun with fellow Fleetmates on Saturday 28 December 2019.

In the week leading up to the event, we will start with... the Seven Gays of Stonewall. With so much negativity around in the world, let's take a moment to accentuate the positives. Practice Mindfulness with the Morale Department, by sharing at least one...
Nagh'reD May'Qep

Nagh'reD May'Qep

Honourable warriors of Nagh'reD! Join me, Captain Kiki, on Saturday 2 November at 18.00 UTC/14.00 EDT, for some more fleet fun!

A great man once said "If a T1 Oberth can do all this, then what will you be able to achieve?." those words still live with me to this day, and it got me thinking, what about all those ships that we have left behind after level 30 and beyond especially now T6 ships are ...

Warriors of Nagh'reD!

A new May'Qep - battlemeeting - is upon us! The Undine have been pressing harder in the Dyson Space Battlezone and the Alliance needs us true warriors to push them back! And so it shall be done! We will meet up on Dyson Joint Command beforehand.

From now on the May'Qep will be at every first Saturday of the month, instead of Sunday
The time however, will stay the same: 18.00...
Halloween Fright Night

Halloween Fright Night


Join us in #StarTrekOnline, for Voleron's annual Halloween Fright Night! Gather with your friends and fleeties for a full day of spooky themed events in honor of Halloween! The full event schedule is below!

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Gathering of the Ghouls (15 mins)
[Click HERE to view event ...
The Battle Clinic

The Battle Clinic

The Battle Clinic is a #PVE based discussion/guide group geared towards improving general game play for all fleeties. In this group there will be discussions and information posted covering everything from skills sets to player Boff abilities. We will also discuss tactics and tricks as well as discussing general updates to the game and how they directly affect general game play.

The Battle Clin...
Honourable warriors of Nagh'reD! Join me, Captain Kiki, on Saturday 4 January at 19.00 UTC for some Fiery Fleet fun in #StarTrekOnline

(This May'Qep's idea was from the ingenious idea of our very own @NikoLunus!)

We will be re-enacting a fiery, honourable, and fierce fight between two giants!

The Klingon Defence Force vs the ferocious Fek'Ihri!

Will you fight for the honour of Nagh'Red? Or enjoy ...
This weekend brings STO another double dilithium weekend
Join us for the dilithium weekend in #startrekonline Sunday 17th as we gather as a fleet and have a dilithium mining party!! We will visit the fleet mine, Ferengie mine and get in our dailys together as a fleet.. and have a little dance party, with a chance to win SWCs!

We will try and mine all 4 of our fleets.
Main stonewall
Deepspace stone...

In the theme of Halloween, this Sunday we will be tackling a truly terrifying opponent - Breast Cancer!
With cryptic recently shining the spotlight via the https://groupees.com/sto charity drive, one of our members @niko came up with the idea of lending a helping hand with the awareness of the national breast cancer foundation.

Our Goal:
We hope to gather as many Stonewall Fleet members & friends ...
Reflection Day V

Reflection Day V

You have been recruited into Stonewalls Shadow Service, Join us in #StarTrekOnline, for the annual Reflection Day V! Gather with your friends and fleeties for a day of being someone different!  The full event schedule is below!

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The History of "Reflection Day, started 5 years ago, a FED or FED aligned event that we wanted to spice things up a bit, we normally log into STO, it...

Join us in #StarTrekOnline, for the Morale department's second annual Romulan Farmer's Festival! Click the link above for the full event schedule and details!

Gather with your friends and fleeties for a full day of Romulan themed events in honour of the autumn season! We have seven amazing events planned throughout the day and we'd love for you to come out and join us in Star Trek Online and o...