Your-O-Vision 2020

Your-O-Vision 2020

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was cancelled. But Your-O-Vision stays up! Our interactions will be digital and safe. We have a plan for that! Expand to read all about it!

During the Your-O-Vision event, we as a community will elect our very own Ston... Read More
Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was cancelled. But Your-O-Vision stays up! Our interactions will be digital and safe. We have a plan for that! Expand to read all about it!

During the Your-O-Vision event, we as a community will elect our very own Stonewall winner from this years candidates. We will also hold a fashion contest and a general Eurovision Star Quiz and listen to the songs together as our show. Since there will be no official results this year, the Heavy Betting Game will be replaced by another Eurovision-themed forum-based task: the title story. Everything will be explained in further detail below, but definitely save the date to have some fun with fleeties and multiple options to win Stonewall Credits (SWC). Join the big party around the general topic of Eurovision Song Contest with our Stonewall community!

In case you should not know what this Eurovision-thing is, we recommend these videos:
ESC explained in a Eurovision performance
Eurovision explained by John Oliver

Starting NOW: Title Story
Starting NOW: Voting Procedures
May 2nd: Kling-O-Vision
May 16th: Big show - Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light
May 19th: Deadline for the SW Voting and the Title Stories
May 22th: Open Discord Karaoke Night
19:00 EST Opening Ceremony and Star Quiz
20:00 EST Show / Songstream 1st Half
21:00 EST Interval Act = Fashion Contest
22:00 EST Show / Songstream 2nd Half
23:00 EST Voting Procedures
24:00 EST Winner Announcements and Closing Ceremonies

Star Quiz
We will gather on Risa at the promenade and have a fun quiz for everyone all around Eurovision. Mostly mulitple choice, previous ESC knowledge might be a plus but is neither necessary nor expected. Winners will be rewarded Stonewall Credits (SWC)! Stonewall Credits can be redeemed in the Stonewall Credit Store for amazing items!

Show / Songstream
We will listen to this years songs together, some background informations will be provided for each contestant and we will honor the artists and their songs.

Fashion Contest
The Your-O-Vision Fashion Contest will feature three categories. The winners of the fashion show will be determined via in-game private messages by the traditional Eurovision voting system, which means all who participated get to vote for everyone but themselves. For each category, the winners will be awarded:
  1. place 3 SWC, sunglasses, 1 surprise fashion item
  2. place 2 SWC and sunglasses
  3. place 1 SWC and one pair of sunglasses

The three categories of the Fashion Contest are:
1. Show Host
The elegant host outfits are an essential part of the show. We encourage you to present a group of outfits, since hosts usually change what they wear to the Semis and the the Final and often even during one show. You can also team up with other fleeties to present a hosting partners design.
2. Protection Outfit
We all know why our favourite music event was cancelled. Show off a protective costume to keep your toon safe from digital virus transmission!
3. Eurovision Fan
The fans famously express their devotion to a country or a chosen contestant by dressing up for the party. Create a look to represent a country or one of the artists of 2020 or their song. The crazier the better!

Voting Procedure
In this very special year, all Stonewall members get to be the jury. We wanna know what you think about things and who is your number one! Listen to the 41 candidates and make your mind up about the 10 entries you want to reward with points. Each fleetie has the opportunity to give 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and the famous 12 points (douze points) to their favourite participants. Just like the juries, who always vote before the Grand Final Live Show, you will have to fill out the voting form until May 19th. All submissions will receive 1 SWC as participation token.
Also, you get to choose which entity you want to represent as a jury. Since many of our members are all from the same countries, our juries will not be per country. Therefore, in the form you will be asked to offer at least three options for what you wanna represent: a city, a region or maybe the home planet of one of your toons. If you want to, you can announce your points personally during the voting procedures. Otherwise, the Teds will read them out for you. This way, at the end of the event we will have chosen a Stonewall Your-O-Vision winner!
Eurovision Song Contest 2020 - All songs
Eurovision Song Contest 2020 - Voting Form

Title Story
This event asks for your creativity! You are asked to make up a story which includes as many words from the songtitles of the 2020 songs as possible. Head over to the forum thread created especially for this to get even more detailed instructions and find a list of the song titles. The best stories will be awarded SWC.

Open Discord Karaoke Night
The artists of this year will miss out on the opportunity to perform to the largest audience on earth. But we can sing in Discord for the most Stonewall audience on earth! Every Eurovision song ever can be put on the tracklist. If you want to sing a certain song it would be handy if you can provide a link to the karaoke version. This is NOT a competition, it's an open invitation to gather and sing songs to bring us together since music is a language that we all know how to speak!

Final Note
Although this years Eurovision will not happen, the Netherlands are gonna put together a different type of show called 'Europe, Shine a Light' which will be aired on May 16th, where originally the big show should have been. Also, the Eurovision Song Contest youtube team has gifted us a concept called 'Eurovision Home Concerts' where each friday a few artists (from this year or previous ones) perform their own song and a cover version of another Eurovision song from their homes for us. We recommend this for acute cases of Eurovision-cancellation-sadness!

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