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Dave (Voleron)


October 04 2020

Costume Contest Categories!


The Horrifying Halloween Costume Contest is one of the most popular of Stonewall's annual #FrightNight events in Star Trek Online, and we've outlined this year's categories below, so you can head to the tailor and get working on your creations!  Remember, the back-story to your creation is nearly as important as the costume itself.  Be prepared to tell your story to the Judge, complete with whatever weapons, abilities and special effects you think will help you seal the deal!  We'll also give you time to swap toons between each category!  This year's costume contest includes a real life costume category!  We want you to dress up!  See the details below.

Lower Decks Category

We want you to show us your BEST effort at a Lower Decks character re-recreation!  It could be a member of the lower decks cadre, the bridge crew, one of the aliens they've encountered on their journey; basically anyone or anything that has been seen on the show!  Use your imagination to submit something outside of the box if you like, or stick with re-creating the main cast - your choice!

Captain Proton Category

Show us your best Captain Proton character re-creation, or create your OWN character who would fit in that universe!  If creating your own, original character, don't forget to give them an appropriate name and short back-story to share with the judges! 

Androids! Category

The attack on Mars had us cowering in fear of the synths for a long time, but now that we're getting over all of that messiness, it's time to tip our hat to our robotic companions in this category.  Androids of all types have been common place in Star Trek throughout every series and we want to see your best re-creation of one of the on-screen characters.  You could re-create Data in painstaking detail, or.... you could delve deep into Trek and find some obscure good or evil robotic character to re-create!  Picard has also given us an endless number to choose from, so we're excited to see what you create

Horror Movie Killer Category

We want to see your best horror movie killer re-creation!  A lesser known killer could give you some room for creativity, but someone iconic could capture the eye of the judges and audience.  Your choice!

Real Life Category

With so many of us turning our cameras on when on Discord, we thought it'd make sense to hold our first ever real-life costume contest category!!  There are no guidelines for this category: dress up as whatever you like and share your costume with us!  Although we'd prefer to see you twirl for us on-cam and in real-time, if you don't have a web cam, you can submit a photo, so long as it's taken on the event day!  The winner of this category will not only receive Stonewall Credits, but ALSO, a $30 Redbubble gift card for you to use at our Stonewall apparel store at