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How It Works

  1. Sign up and get matched
    • Sign-up for the Stonewall Secret Santa exchange by December 3rd, 2023 by completing the survey below.
    • On December 4th, we will close signups and our computer will randomly choose which Stonewaller you should send a gift to.
    • You'll receive an email with your Secret Santa match and their sign-up survey answers.
  2. Find the perfect gift and send it
    • You'll have until December 15th to ship your gift, but the sooner the better, so as to increase the chances of it arriving for Christmas
    • When you ship it, keep a receipt and tracking number (if possible), and come back here to tell us that you've shipped it
  3. Receive a gift from your match
    • When you receive a gift, you'll need to come back here and post an amazing thank you note to your Secret Santa, hopefully with photos!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pre-requisites to participating?

You must be a Stonewall member in good standing with an account that's been active on this site PRIOR to the announcement of this event on November 19th, 2023.

How much should I spend on a gift?

The recommended amount to spend is in the $20 to $25 range. While you may choose to spend more on your giftee, understand that the value of the gift you're receiving is likely to be in the recommended price range. That said, the goal is to send a thoughtful gift and might be something that you've created yourself, if you have a particular talent.

Do I have to use my real name and information?

Many postal services will not deliver packages without real names. Fake names are also often turned away by universities and apartments. Obviously, your Secret Santa won't be able to send you your gift if you don't provide accurate information. If you're concerned about sharing your contact information with a potential Secret Santa, then you might want to sit this event out or give us suggestions on how to improve it for next year!

Can I ship directly from an online retailer like Amazon, to my giftee?

Of course. We understand that paying for shipping twice can be cost prohibitive when you’ve found the perfect gift online. Please only do this with reputable sites such as Amazon. Remember to handle your giftee's personal information with the same care that you would expect yours to be handled.

Is the person I am gifting to the same person who is gifting to me?

No. They are two completely different people. However, in some instances, like if you are in a country with very few participants, there is the possibility that you and your giftee can be matched in a pair. We try to pair people from the same country together, so as to reduce on shipping times and costs.

What do I need to send a present through the mail?

Please check with your local postal service for specifics, but general best practices are:

  1. Do not wrap the package. You can wrap what's inside, but not the shipping box.
  2. Ensure the destination address is clear so that it doesn't get delayed in the mail.
  3. Ensure a return address is provided; failing to provide this will likely result in your parcel being delayed by the postal service or at customs for security reasons, or it being lost altogether.
  4. We strongly suggest getting a tracking number or some other form of delivery confirmation; keep your receipt!

I'm late shipping my gift. What should I do?

It's OK if you ship a little bit late, but PLEASE let your giftee know so that they don't worry. Be sure to let us know by replying to this thread once you've shipped your gift.

Sweet! I live close to my giftee! Can I deliver my gift by hand and not bother shipping it?

No. Please respect your giftee's privacy and handle their personal information with the same care and respect that you would expect yours to be handled with by your gifter.

I never received a gift. 😢 What do I do?

Please let us know. We'll get into contact with your Secret Santa to determine what went wrong. We'll look into tracking information and see where your gift may have been held up. If for whatever reason, we're unable to clear up the situation, we'll match you to a gifter that we have on reserve so that you won't walk away empty handed.

I have another question that hasn't been addressed here

Post a thread on the forums or feel free to send a message to @NicholasJohn16 on his profile or on Discord.