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March 19 2021
For me, suicide was never an option. Commiting suicide would mean for me, that the others would win. That kind of satisfaction I don't want to grant to others. Following that thought brings us to the main issue of that matter, meaning how to deal with problem situations that are unsolvable for me, no matter how much effort I put into it. In a way I developed a technique to do it, which is only a workaround, because I don't solve the problem. I imagine myself as part of an away team from a spacefaring civilization, say something like a United Federation of Planets. In this Federation there is a non-interfering order called the Prime Directive, which prevents away teams like mine to interact with others for problem solutions. So I'm left with the ability to observe, which is what I do in real life. Concluding this thought, this means also that there is something really cool about this approach: I like getting experience, and so I can get an amazing one, being a witness of the apocalypse. You could also call it the madness of humanity, but I think the two are roughly the same thing.

So I sit here, in the restaurant at the end of universe, watching the dolphins preparing their departure. I like it.

Hey waiter, can I have another drink please?
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