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Stuart Frushour


March 07 2017
So when I'm able to contribute to the fleet starbase, is there a certain project I should focus on first?
Gareth GXV3
March 07 2017 Permalink
We still are a growing fleet, so our projects take a long time to be filled... so anything you have to give would be awesome (that you can spare, dont give away to much as you will need it)
Soon as I get in game or one of our XB fleet captains can promote you up to member status.

Here are the guys that help us out on the XB, if ever you should need anything.

As I said in your intro, you can invite to the fleet any friends or other players that may ask.
add me up on the xbox too if you like GmrTag : GXV3
Dale Cadle
March 08 2017 Permalink
If you need anything in game, or want a pointer to some help sites, just give me a msg in game, or add my gamertag and I'll be able to pick up Xbox messages even if I'm not online - XBOX pobusmax - in-game character POBus pobusmax
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Stuart Frushour
March 08 2017 Permalink
added :)