Gareth GXV3


  • April 28 2019

Spring Readiness Initiative

I should warn you all.. every spring, Pete the Sandwich licker is about.
Soon as winter is over.. he comes out of hiding and has the appearance of a tree stump.. 
so be on the look out when you are taking your spring snaps, enjoying your picnics...
This guy ruined my spring readiness entries while i was trying to take the perfect picture of a unique spring fashion. :(
So I found this brochure on R...
Kevin Van Eeten


  • April 09 2019

Stonewall Screenshot Challenge

Greetings Stonewall!

Slowly but surely the frosty touch of winter is dissipating from the Northern hemisphere. The warmth of the sun is again touching our faces, and this can only mean one thing: it is spring once more! This makes for a perfect opportunity to board your starships and traverse our Milky Way Galaxy in the sweet company of your fellow Fleeties in search of that perfect photograph. ...