Star Wars Squadrons



Star Wars Squadrons

August 01 2020
Morning, folks. 

I trust a good chunk of us have seen the trailers for Star Wars Squadrons by now. It's due out in October but I decided to preorder it. Honestly, I've waited damned near 20 years for a true successor to the old X-Wing games and it looks like this may be it. The game is a little light in terms of game modes really only three modes: Single player story, Dogfight (5-on-5 PvP or PvE) and Fleet Battles (Also 5-on-5 and PvP or PvE). There will be 8 ships combined New Republic and Imperial Remnant representing 4 classes of starfighter. 

So what did you folks think about it? I don't know what the "guild" situation will be for this game or if there will even be one at launch, but I figured some of you might be interested in forming a squadron when the game releases later this fall.
Tourma Rivers


Star Wars Squadrons

October 11 2020
I played the bera back when that came out and  found it wasn't too much to my tastes.  Too precise and too many dimensions to get me to get it sadly.  It does seem there are people on the Discord playing it though.

I DO hope that this shows a trend from EA for more smaller $40 games in the future.  If it has t be a Star Wars title, I'd love a new Podracer game.


Star Wars Squadrons

March 18 2022
This is the one that I played most before. I loved strategizing with squadmates.