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February 14 2019




All Hail The Stonewall Empire!!

For the 4th year running, The Resources Department will put together an event that will allow our mirror counterparts will take over STO once again.
We will play in a style we are not used to, things will be very different, we will try things we are not accustomed to.
We will wreak havoc upon this universe and show that the Stonewall empire is strong and mighty!!! 
(Please be advised that this is a Fed/Fed aligned event and it is recommended that you play as FED for just this event to avoid complications.

Reflection day 4 event is all about doing something different for the day, Change up your ship, your weapons, your style.
To take part in the event you will need to choose a Mirror ship, or an easy obtainable fraction ship that you'd never think of using, like the APU cruiser, Nihydron destroyer.. or the Malon battle cruiser... maybe even the Risian ships! the choice is yours so long as its different from a ship you normally fly. Maybe, if your hard enough.. build up a T4 or T5

If your a Sci Captain.. be a Tactical for the day! and visa versa

Switch up your weapons.. do you normally use Antiproton Phasers?? why not use all Plasma Turrets instead?
Polaron Cannons? .. maybe switch to an all Torp boat?

If your New to the game you may not have enough EC in your pockets to buy a mirror ship.. or similar.. if you are struggling to obtain a ship contact me, and I can send you a random ship.
(Note quantity is limited)

Even Change up your toon.. take a visit to the Tailor and change your toons appearance to what you think your mirror self would look like.



UNTIL 24th FEB 2019

- Mirror Character Story Contest -

As well as Playing for the day on STO as your mirror self.. why not go all the way and create a back story of your Mirror self.
Like the previous 3 Reflection Day events, we are again running a "Mirror Story" competition

In which you can let your imagination go crazy and think up your Mirror toons story.. This years theme is based on fire, rage, envy, jealousy, lust etc.. so you may want to consider writing a story around that theme.
The "Reflection Day 4 story contest" will open in these forums under the "Events" section right now
and will close at the end of day Sun 24th.
The Resources Department will then read through them all.. and One will be picked Best Read.. and there will be a second and third placing too.


If you want to get inspired,.. why not look over Reflection days 1, 2 & 3's Biography Entry's

- Ship Build & Appearance Contest -

As you will be choosing a whole new ship you never really fly, why not show it off on this thread.
Post a picture of your ship... plus a screen grab of how you built your ship up.
you've gone with all turrets.. you've made a tank, you've made an ultimate control ship.. show it off and win some SWCs.

You can take a screen grab very easy in STO, 
- press  "PrtSc" button on your physical keyboard

- Open windows paint

- Paste the image

- you can crop, resize and save!
Search in your windows 10 for "Snipping tool" this is a handy windows tool that will capture your entire screen.
Then upload to your images to hosting site, or your own profile on this site.

-Right click your image and choose "copy image address"
- and paste it in a reply to this thread using the "insert image" button.
Remember it must end in .jpg or .png

The best build/ship pics will win SWCs

1st Place wins 5 SWCs

2nd Place wins 4 SWCs
3rd Place wins 3 SWCs
4th Place wins 2 SWCs
Reply with your Ship Build/Appearances on this thread
ill post an example below this thread in due course



TEAM UP RUNS: Starting at 5pm GMT (click here to see your timezone)

We will all gather together in Discord chat, and pop on the SGN radio so we can listen to some good beats while we pew pew together.
Jump into your newly created ships and we will start teaming to run various STFs and battlezones.
DO NOT worry if you are not used to some STFs.. most of us are.. plus we are in ships we are not used to flying and weapons we are not used to.. this day is all about fun and trying new things!
(again, be advised that this is a FED/FED aligned orientation event, and preferably lvl 50+)

MIRROR COSTUME CONTEST: Starting at 6:30pm GMT (click here to see your timezone)

@Tlara and @Hippiepunk will be your Mirror fashion wardens, and will be judging you harshly on your Mirror character appearance.
you may want to jump into the taylor during the run up to the main event on the 23rd to sort out your mirror costumes so that you are ready to impress the judges.. or face the pain booth.
What does your Mirror toon look like? does he have any scares, is her hair coloured differently?
Come Show your mirror toons off!

THE GOOD VILLAIN The evil is everywhere, even in our prime universe. According to the principle, that everything in the mirror universe is the opposite, does that mean that our villains are good there - or are they even worse? What do you think? Show us your mirror universe duplicate of your favourite villain! 

 Note: Look-alikes are welcome but not necessary. 

 THE OTHER SIDE (OF THE GALAXY) The other side didn't encounter the Gamma-Quadrant as the wormhole of Bajor was never detected there. Also, the Delta-Quadrant is probably unknown to them too. But those quadrants surely exist in the Mirror Universe, so what do you think they look like? Show us your mirror version of a Delta- or Gamma-Quadrant character! 

 Note: Allowed are Jem-Hadar, Vorta, Founder, Dosi, Karemma, Talaxian, Kobali, Voth, Vaadwaur... even Humans or Klingons if you have a story how they ended up in the other quadrant.
After the Costume contest we pop more STFs

Blade V Blade PVP : Starting at 8pm GMT (click here to see your timezone)

This will be a ground PvP arena where we have 2 large teams.. and we just simply Grab a Bladed weapon (NO GUNS NO TURRETS NO ZAPPING DEVICES THINGS) we just use blades, swords, batleths etc. and have an all out bar fight.
You can keep your shields and armor and traits etc as this will be slightly annoying to take them all off.. plus we are playing as Mirror selves, so we are all cunning, right?
After the Blade v Blade we pop more STFs


and then we bring Reflection day to a close!
Remember.. there are x2 Forum contests on atm (see above), The storIEEEEEEEEs and ship pics.
There will be lots of #SWC prizes to give away!

Look forward to reading, seeing and meeting with you!

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Gareth GXV3



February 15 2019
To kick us off with the "Ship build & Appearance" contest here is my ship ill be flying on the day.

Vaadwaur Astika heavy cruiser.
This ship i bought with lobi i think, and i have never really used her at all, so now would be a good time to fly her...
Ive kitted her out to be a torpedo boat, with x4 torps upfront,
x3 turrets at the back.
The plan is to stand back at a distance, pin attack enemies with the turrets while shooting the torps.
putting x4 torp damage consoles in tactical hopefully i can do some damage.
Ive added some special doffs and consoles that can trigger cooldowns of torp abilities.
Ive gone with the dyson shield for vanity, though im thinking I should go a bit darker now.

Im gonna look into space traits that may help me out with torp cooldowns and damage.
If anyone has anymore advise for a torp build feel free to share!

Id love to see your builds and ships... start sharing yours for a chance to win (See original post for details).
we dont judge on damage/DPS.. but for what would look fun to fly as your mirror ship for the day.

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Kieran Kiki



February 16 2019
The I.S.S. Aquarius is Requesting an invite to join the fleet.

[Xindi Aquatic Briostrys Dreadnought Carrier]

As my main toon now has been Kiki'Tlan suigetsu has not been touched in a while, and even then he had a science or torpedo boat builds sitting on him, I thought I would bring out this big beast, but also try something new, I'm mostly a plasma man myself but to switch it up i went with trying a new type of antiproton, and the herald beams look really pretty when firing, and have a nice little dmg boost proc, I like to think of the beams being a spoil of war from the iconian war...that the Terran empire totally won, right? :P

Using my 4 frigates to rack up some nice damage too, I feel like a true commander in this.

When suigetsu claimed this ship off the Xindi aquatics he made sure it stood out as a Terran ship, but still his own.

Opting for Deep red bloody decals on the hull, to remind his primitive enemies that he is a predator to look out for.

Suigetsu@Kierix: The I.S.S. Aquarius is ready for your orders admiral.

#shipbuilds #ReflectionDayIV
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February 18 2019
Would the Iconian war even happen in the Mirrorverse? Would the Sundering even occur? So many questions 0_o

Can't stand the edginess of the Mirror Universe, so I'll keep this brief and fluff-free :P

I had a very hard time picking a ship, because I've recently been trying to spice up my builds... But I ended up settling for a Fed ship, since I rarely fly those when given the option. I've this one lying around since the last anniversary giveaway and ended up never even redeeming it on my main.

Say hello to the Wrath of S'Harien:

Named after the Vulcan master swordsmith and outfitted as a torpedo boat (Something I never do) and the Terran Rep set, acquired just for this event. I've only recently tried using small and maneuverable ships, and I tend to shy away from torpedoes, so this should prove... Unique. I'll probably tweak the torps themselves before the event.

#ReflectionDayIV #shipbuilds

Guess I'll lie in wait on this uncharted planet for now.

PS - Don't hate me, but it's spelled STORIES, not STORY'S
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Kieran Kiki



February 18 2019
Anna he's Welsh we have to cut him some slack :p
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February 18 2019
The ISS Aquitaine

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Hai Tang



February 19 2019
I.S.S. Artemisia

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Cai Weaver



February 20 2019
The Niisku

Mirror Cai likes to watch his enemies burn in terrible plasma fires and uses equipment the regular Cai would never touch in a thousand years...

*Incursion Complete*

*Yellow Alert*

Awaiting your orders, Empress
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Patrick Aka Trick



February 20 2019
Those who've flown with me before know I typically fly around as Gwydion Sebastian, who has a penchant for huge ships and beams. Lots of beams.

Praevus Aethra is a mirror universe refugee who prefers a smaller, faster ship, and since he's got the maneuverability, well, cannons seem like a good choice for maximum mayhem. And while Sebastian wouldn't be caught dead in a carrier, Aethra enjoys having a swarm of fighters watching his back. And a torpedo, because...  well, just because. So what if it's a DPS loss. They're fun.

I'm formerly from San Francisco, so although the I.S.S. Folsom name may remind people of a prison, it's also an infamous street fair (and I like the whole prison/street fair contrast. Strikes me as mirrory). It's held on Folsom Street between 8th and 13th Streets, thus the NCC-1308 designation.

Speaking of fun... I've been having so much of it with this ship and build that I've swapped fleets with Aethra and Sebastian and I'm considering this my new main. It's a pretty awesome ship. Still have a bit more gear to upgrade to epic, but all those Phoenix upgrades pretty much blew my wad. I'll get there.

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Ted Hembach



February 20 2019
Here is Gul Makai's ship, the I.K.S. Harpyja.

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February 21 2019
As a side note... I was totally considering using the T1 TOS Enterprise for this, because I wouldn't be caught dead flying that xD
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Kieran Kiki



February 21 2019
do itt
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February 21 2019
Quote by Kierix
do itt

It's him, Your Honor. He made me do it.

SPEHS. The ultimate frontier. These are the treks of the Starprise Entership Surak's Boil.

I didn't even bother putting a set on it. Now it's something I'd never, EVER do.
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Kieran Kiki



February 21 2019
Joseph Leyland



February 23 2019
Try again, Fed this time Gareth :D


Presenting Vice Admiral Gamor of the ISS Archer.

Since the destruction of the Klingon-Cardassian alliance by the Terran Empire in the 24th century, subjects of the former Alliance have been subjugated to do the bidding of the Empire. 

One of these subjects, Gamor of the Cardassian Empire, was quickly placed in command of a Terran starship; the ISS Archer. Gamor had proven himself to be a particularly ruthless opposition for the Terrans during the war and so much so that Empress Leeta herself appointed him as Captain. Since joining the Terran Empire, Gamor has taken part in the destruction of Orion, the enslavement of the Tholians and played a pivotal role in finally crushing the Klingon Empire once and for all. 


Since open beta I have pretty much played the same toon over and over, my science fed character. Science is such a fun and unique career to play as. I am known to swap ships and weapons very occasionally so it's difficult to pick somethin 'out of the ordinary' however decided to stick with the post DS9 mirror theme and choose to fly the Mirror Guardian Cruiser. I also chose Tetryon weapons to make it even more out of the norm!
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Kevin Van Eeten



February 23 2019
The I.S.S. Prince Jamal's Revenge is the new name of the I.S.S. Persephone and the background story of the ship and her Captain are part of my contribution to the story contest. The ship was accidentaly transferred from the mirror universe to the prime universe and it's Captain Prince Jamal al-Fayed has one single goal in his mind. Laying the Emperor and his husband in ashes!

I have chosen for a build that is different from what I normally fly in the sense that I like my ships to look clean and canon. The number one space equipment set that is visually the diametric opposite of this frame of mind is, in my opinion, the assimilated Borg Technology set, so I chose to start with that. I added in the Omega Adapted Borg Technology set together with the Romulan Singularity Harness as the background story of mirror Jamal involves his desire to rain fire on his ex-husbands the Emperor and Prince Dorian Grey and both sets can literally rain fire as they feature plasma torpedoes and/or plasma energy weapons. The ship's deflector and the assimilated tractor beam (3-pc bonus on borg weapon set) are good for control builds in my opinion, so I decided then to go down that route and centre the other equipment and abilities around that theme.

Front Weapons: Romulan Plasma Beam Array, Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array, Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher
Why: Because His Royal Highness Prince Jamal al-Fayed wants to rain fire on his enemies!

Deflector, Impulse, Shields: Assimilated Borg Technology Set
Why: I normally want my ship to look as clean and canon as possible and this is the opposite.

Secondary Deflector: Strategic Inhibting with [CtrlX]x2
Why: For the control effects.

Warp core: Terran Task Force Quantum Capacitor
Why: For the glory of the Empire!

Aft weapons: Romulan Plasma Beam Array, Kinetic Cutting Beam, Omega Torpedo Launcher
Why: Because His Royal Highness Prince Jamal al-Fayed wants to rain fire on his enemies!

Devices: Heavy Plasma Sattelite, Red-matter Capacitor, Energy Amplifier
Why: Because His Royal Highness Prince Jamal al-Fayed wants to rain fire on his enemies!

Consoles: Everything to complete the sets, fleet Spire critical hit consoles with plasma damage, and stuff to buff up [CtrlX]
Why: All of the above reasons!
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Joye McCaster



February 23 2019
(sorry not good at screen grabs)

The Wild Hunt: Salvaged and modified Malon starship.

Her weapons while not the strongest were the best a newly freed clone could afford while working across the Delta Quadrant with her team.  All consoles salvaged from Terran Empire ships she managed to fall in combat, the crew not affraid to take from their Enemy as they hunt down any Terran ship they cross. 
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Brian Klotz



February 23 2019
COD's (Mirror Doc) Transphasic Torp/Mine Assault Cruiser with some Agony Phasers thrown in.

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Ted Hembach



February 24 2019
ThanQ all for attending the #ReflectionDayIV with your Alter Egos! Here are some pictures from our Costume Contest for you:

Category 1 'The Good Villain'

Category 2 'The Other Side (of the Galaxy)'

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Gareth GXV3



February 24 2019


Thank you all who turned up for yesterday's event, it was good hanging out with you and flying about the galaxy when we could all get into queues together.
Below are the winners of all events from reflection day, including the forum based contests #writingcontest and #shipbuild

Your SWC cards will be updated in the next 24 hours.
Congrats to you all!


Category 'The Good Villain' 
1st Place - IMTrick
2nd Place - @balduranne#6092
3rd Place - @kierix
4th Place - @chipz416
4th Place - @midnighttlc

Category 'The Other Side (of the Galaxy)'
1st Place - NikoLunus
2nd Place - Chipz416
3rd Place - @caijamin#9709
4th Place - IMTrick
4th Place - @balduranne#6092


1st Place - Yaris8 (26 points) - 5 SWC
2nd Place - Doctheop (19 points) - 4 SWC
3rd place - @hippiepunk @tlara (17 points) - 3 SWC
4th Place - @Niko (16 points) - 2 SWC
5th Place - Chipz (15 points) - 1 SWC
6th Place - jimmyjoe1a (11 points) 1 SWC
7th Place - @Kierix (8 points) - 1 SWC
8th Place - lordzandor (0 points) - 0 SWC


Red Team, 30/30 kills (non SWC awarded)


1st Place - @tc_50327 ( Obsidian Hors D'oeuvres ) - 5 SWCs (red hot with the rage of getting revenge)

2nd Place - @chipz416 ( The Terran soul ) - 4 SWCs (the rage of ambition and spite)

3rd Place - @niko ( Thirteen - legacy ) - 3 SWCs

4th Place - @balduranne ( Do you ever wonder ) - 2 SWCs

(1 SWC are awarded to every other contest writer, for amazing stories that kept me entertained.)


1st place - @niko (ISS Wild Hunt ) - 5 SWCs (single cannons that's gotta be hard, plus impressed with your holo disguise on the day)

2nd Place - @balduranne (ISS Surak's Boil & ISS Wrath of S'Harien) - 4 SWCs (managing to never blow up in a T2 ship)

3rd Place - @chipz416 (ISS Prince Jamals Revenge) - 3 SWCs (Bringing your mirror Story to life using the same ship)

4th Place - @kierix (ISS Aquarius) - 2 SWCs (hope you liked playing non plasma, another ship vs story brought to life)


once again for coming to this years #reflectiondayIV

(EDIT UPDATE - All #SWCstore cards have now been updated)

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