Yourovision 2018 Silly Group Dance

Ted Hembach


Yourovision 2018 Silly Group Dance

May 05 2018

Are you ready to learn some moves? Leeeeet's do this!

As opening and closing act of the #yourovision 2018 we want to perform some silly group dances with you. The first one will be the choreography of the Buck Fizz song 'Making Your Mind Up', which was the ESC winner of the year 1981. It was also the first song in the history of Eurovision that featured a costume change on stage! The second dance we want to do with you is the song 'Dancing Lasha Tumbai' from Verka Serduchka, 2nd place in the ESC 2007. This one is even more silly but very shiny, as we will do it in silver and golden costumes!
If you want to participate in our group dances, this post is for you, as it will provide all information needed: which emotes to use and what costume to wear, and some helpful tipps like creating a keybind file for faster dancing. Such a keybind file is also useful for the dance instructor on Risa.

Instructions, Choreography and Costumes

"Making your mind up"

Instructional Video

Emote Choreo PDF for printout (please rightclick and save it to your harddrive, then print)

How to make the Costumes for the Bucks Fizz Dance

"Dancing Lasha Tumbai"

The Emotes

For the silly group dances we use the following emotes (alternativ emotes are in braces). Emotes marked with a star* are used several times, they would be good to bind to a key - see next topic.

"Making Your Mind Up"

dance_snake / talking (yes) / attention* / dance_club / shrug / wink (alert) / engage* / no_way* / dance_side step / dance_shuffle (dance_samba or dance_samba_advanced) / dance_wavehands / slow_clap (talk or yes) / dance_runningman / tug

"Dancing Lasha Tumbai"

point / countdown / dance_unusual (dance_wavehands) / dance_fan / blow_kiss* / bye* / dance_jester (jumping_jacks) / yeah

The Keybinds

A very convenient way to execute emotes are keybinds. This way you don't have to scroll around in your emote list, instead you simply press a button. On the other hand, you have to bind your emotes to keys first. But this is easily done.
You can bind keys by typing the command
"/bind key toggle command Param1 Param2 …"
in your chatwindow. You have to do this for every key that you want to bind. Much faster is the method to make a txt-file with the keybinds and then bind the whole file at once.
Here is an example, which binds the dances used on Risa to the keys 1 to 9:

1 "emote dance"
2 "emote dance_club"
3 "emote dance_robot"
4 "emote dance_snake"
5 "emote dance_raisetheroof"
6 "emote dance_wavehands"
7 "emote dance_runningman"
8 "emote dance_legkick"
9 "emote dance_sidestep"

Save this file as 'dances.txt' in your STO main folder. Next step is done ingame:
  1. Backup first! Save your existing keybinds by typing in your chatwindow:
    /bind_save_file old_keybinds.txt
  2. Load the dances.txt by typing
    /bind_load_file dances.txt
  3. Done! :-)

If you are unhappy with your new keybinds, you can restore your old ones by binding your backup file: '/bind_load_file old_keybinds.txt' !
For more information about keybinds please look here: STO Keybind Guide


Example Video for a STO Emote Group Dance: Thriller

Original Bucks Fizz Video: "Making Your Mind Up"

Original Verka Serduchka Video: "Dancing Lasha Tumbai"

For all other events involved please look here: Stonewall Yourovision 2018.
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