Stonewall at Sea: Community Vacation Cruise!

Dave (Voleron)


Stonewall at Sea: Community Vacation Cruise!

April 01 2018

2018 marks Stonewall's 10th anniversary, and we here in the leadership wanted to do something extravagant to commemorate this special occasion!  As many of you already know, a large group of past and present Stonewall members meet annually at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.  Building on the idea of a large, community get-together and on a pitch set forth by Geo, one of our former Fleet Captains, we're excited to announce that we've worked tirelessly with Atlantys Cruise Lines these last few months, to bring you: #StonewallAtSea!"  Join us and many of your Stonewall friends later this year on our 10th anniversary cruise!  See all of the cost and booking details below.  Hope to see you on the sea!

Departure & Arrival
  • Cruise departs from San Diego, California on October 14th, 2018
  • Cruise returns to port at San Diego, California on October 21st, 2018
  • Total trip duration: 8 days (7 nights)

Ports of Call
  • Mazatlan (Oct 16th)
  • Cabo San Lucas (Oct 17th)
  • Puerto Vallarta (Oct 19th)

Cost of Trip
We've negotiated a low round-trip cruise fare of $450.00 per person, based on a minimum 25 person booking.  This includes room, food, and drink (non-alcoholic) while on-board the vessel.  Please note: this does NOT include travel expenses to and from the point of departure in San Diego.

Since we here in Stonewall leadership are all so very excited to announce that we're finally able to make "Stonewall at Sea" a reality, we've made sure to go above and beyond in planning an entire, week-long Stonewall party experience!  Several of Stonewall's officers have already confirmed their attendance, and have graciously planned to host activities and events during the course of the sail.  Check out a few of the things we have in store for you below:

Admiral Gareth Hosts:
Opening Ceremonies for Stonewall at Sea & Cabin Party

We've booked the Sea Queen conference room for dinner on the first night of our voyage, as the venue for our Grande Opening Ceremonies.  Admiral Gareth will be the Master of Ceremonies for this formal meal and mixer, where, after piping in the head Officer and Fleet Captain tables on Welsh bagpipes, he'll lead an evening of drinks, dancing and entertainment to follow.  We'll soon provide instructions in this thread on how to reserve your seat for this event.

A cabin party will follow the formal festivities with games including: Cards Against Humanity, Drunken Pin the Tail on the Donk-gay, and Wet Twister.  The theme of the party will be nautical attire, which could be anything from Speedos adorned with an anchor to a full naval outfit.  Come dressed in the best outfit for your chance to win Stonewall Credits!


Admiral Jacien Hosts:
A Half Day of Activities and Events

On the second day of sail, Admiral Jacien will be hosting his typical line-up of unique fleet events.  He's still working out the details, but is expecting to run a real life "Lost Admiral" event.  Fleet Admiral NicholasJohn will have gone missing amidst some sort of suspenseful, murder/mystery-esque back-story and it'll be up to all of you Stonewallers to find him, whether he be in one of the ship's 12 pools, the fitness centre, the buffet, the engine room, or in his quarters, playing Stellaris.  Also in the planning is a real-life Grand Melee Tournament, only this one will utilize pool noodle swords as your armament.  Note: your armor may only be common, Mark IX speedos or thongs and no personal traits such as "extra slippery" or "heightened arousal" may be slotted.  The afternoon will likely conclude with Gareth's pub quiz, if we know our Admiral Jacien's event line-ups at all.


Fleet Admiral NicholasJohn Hosts:
A Community Meeting and Presentation

On the fourth day of the excursion, Fleet Admiral Nick will be inviting all Stonewallers to attend a community meeting, where he'll be fielding common questions from the membership, including: how to post pictures in the forums, whether Stonewall will be expanding into the popular game of the month, and whether he'll add your personally requested channel to Discord, among other pre-screened questions from planted members of the audience.  Nick will also be providing a presentation on the commonly requested features for the fleet website and a timeline for their implementation, spanning the next three years.

After the meeting, Nick has organized an "Open Air Cinema" event, where we'll be gathering to watch one of his favorite scary horror movie flicks from a pool-side VIP section on a giant, inflatable movie screen (weather permitting).  Latch on to your favorite fleet member to keep from screaming during the jumpy parts!


Lord Admiral Zander Hosts:
Code of Conduct Review, Closing Ceremonies & Dance Party

On the final day of sail following breakfast, Admiral Zander will host a brief, morning session on inter-personal communication and informal conflict resolution.  Together, we will move on to explore the lesser known intricacies of the code of conduct, followed by a mock trial, so that members understand exactly how Code of Conduct breaches are handled.  This will undoubtedly be a very informative session for all those who can find the time to attend.

But it won't be all dry material: as we make our way back to port and conclude our first ever "Stonewall at Sea", we'll plug in our laptops and login to Star Trek Online for a virtual dance party at Club 47, to be followed by a closing ceremony and remarks to be broadcast in fleet chat and on our Twitch stream.  Be sure to bring your party poppers and blow-ticklers to help us wrap up this amazing vacation!

These are just some of the amazing events that we're eager to share with you.  If you have any of your own ideas for group activities during the trip or while at any of our ports of call, please reply to this thread with your suggestions using the hashtag #StonewallAtSea and we will do everything we can to make them happen.  While it's unlikely that the cruise will sell out, it's important to book early so that we have a firm grasp of the final numbers well in advance to ensure that we meet our 25 person minimum to qualify for the discounted group rate.  From all of us here at Stonewall, we hope to see you at sea!

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Nicolas J. Artley


Stonewall at Sea: Community Vacation Cruise!

April 01 2018
Happy April Fools Day / April 1st!

Did someone this morning run into church, shouting "Jesus is alive and outside" and the congregation followed you? (Just so you could say "April, April"?

I know, i can be naughty.

Good Idea with the trip, though. Lets make something real ,)
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Ted Hembach


Stonewall at Sea: Community Vacation Cruise!

April 01 2018
Yay! Very cool idea! We will take some time off, let our work do from some of our 200 employers, and will take a trip to you guys with our golden helicopter. Please make sure the landing deck is ready and a Fleet Captain Cabin is reserved for us! Also, make some room in the deep freeze coz we will bring 100 lobsters as a gift for you! Lets celebrate #StonewallAtSea!

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