Task Force Stonewall recruiting again!

Lars Zandor


Task Force Stonewall recruiting again!

November 15 2017
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Task Force Stonewall

Spot open!

One of our comrades-in-arms has bravely fought at our side! Alas, it was not meant to be and now we have a spot to fill on our weekly stream!

Do you want to join Task Force Stonewall? Are you able to join (almost) weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm UTC? Apply now!

Be featured on our weekly stream! Show off your skills and your character!

* Don't feel like making a new toon and grind to catch up with us? Level 50+ toons are also welcome!

* We have only one spot to fill, so be aware that applying does not necessarily mean you are also chosen for the team. We will choose someone from everyone that applies.

Wanna know what we exactly do? Take a look at the Task Force Stonewall videos on 

eft]Any question? Ask them!
Interested? Join us!
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