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Gareth GXV3


September 11 2016

How to Join "Stonewall XB1"

 How to Join "Stonewall XB1"

Welcome to Stonewall Gaming Network!

Now that you have created your free account, (if you have not done so), you may need to apply for an invite or create an introduction post (or both). To do this you will need to start a new thread in the "Start Here!!" section of our forums and introduce yourself. 

Your introduction can be as long or as short as you are comfortable writing and it can include as much or as a little information as you like, however you must include the following:

  • The platform that you are requesting an invite for (XB1)
  • Your Character Name
  • Your Gamertag/XBOX@ handle

If you are at a loss of what to say, you may consider discussing some of the following:Say hello, tell us about yourself.

  • What are your interests?
  • What other games and MMO's have you played?, Is this your first one?
  • What other games you are looking forward to playing with other members of this network?
  • Why does this gaming network appeal to you?
  • What are you most looking forward to? PvE? PvP? Personal Story?
  • How did you find us?

You will be promoted to the rank of "Member" after 14 days from the date of your introduction post.

If you need any help, our Stonewall PS4 officers are:
  • XB1 Fleet Administrator (Fleet Admiral) @Zander_Hawk
  • XB1 Fleet Operations Manager (Fleet Admiral) @Dax_aussie_boy
  • XB1 Fleet Projects Officer (Admiral) VACANT
  • XB1 Fleet Events Officer (Admiral) VACANT
  • XB1 Fleet Resources Officer (Admiral) VACANT
Please note that the Stonewall XB1 Fleet is an extremely casual gaming fleet designed for casual players that occasionally play the game.  Due to the nature of console gaming systems and the demands of every day work schedules, leaders typically do not play the game during work hours for the obvious reasons (we cannot take our consoles to work unfortunately) therefore most invite requests will be completed after work hours.   Game play is at your own discretion and leisure.If you have any questions, please let me know.



Admiral and Chief of Membership Management  

Stonewall STO PS4 & XB1 Fleet Administrator


Kik: Zander.Hawk  


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Zander Hawk
October 21 2016 Permalink
Ok so his Cryptic @ handle is @ ORDAbel -excellent, very good to know, I'll update his profile and our member management system on our end.
October 24 2016 Permalink
Hi you still got space in the fleet my sto is MartyTheDestiny8483 I am new to sto on the xbox one
October 24 2016 Permalink
its Marty@ lol
November 06 2016 Permalink

I was a member of the PC fleet when I played on the computer. Now I would like to join the XB1 fleet.
Jeret{at}Czar Rick
I am assuming my handle is my gamer tag.

Jolan Tru
November 06 2016 Permalink
Hello! Would love to be a part of the Stonewall Fleet on XB1. Could I please be added? Thanks and happy gaming!

Tanek@The Vulcanman
Unknown Person
November 06 2016 Permalink
sent an invite to you
Unknown Person liked this
November 06 2016 Permalink
Hello ^_^ so this must be the place I post for a invite to the group :D

Harkness@H2O Silver
Joshua (Zepari)
November 13 2016 Permalink
Long time listener, first time caller. I'm "ZepariJoshua Wa Wa" in STO-XB1. May I please get an invite?
November 16 2016 Permalink
Hey! I didn't realize there was an Xbox fleet. Can someone add me, please? Character is RaikenBulldawgMike and it's a fed-aligned Romulan if that matters. Thanks! --Legion
DDRBum03 liked this
Scott Weprin
November 18 2016 Permalink
Hi my GT is lordraval
November 19 2016 Permalink
Hello, may I have an invite please?
My main STO character is -
Talvas @ xUniQ SanctumX
(no spaces around the @, it wouldnt show on the original post)
November 19 2016 Permalink
So like an idiot I didn't recognize the name on the fleet invite, thought it was drive-by spam, and rejected it. My bad. :( Could someone invite me again please? RaikenBulldawgMike
Ray Nieves
November 19 2016 Permalink
I'll be back on in a little bit, but if you go to clubs on xbox and look up stonewall, you should be able to find an admiral or captain that can add you.
Unknown Person
November 20 2016 Permalink
13hrs ago admirals were asleep lol

Did you get an invite ?
Unknown Person
November 21 2016 Permalink
Hey I would like to join the fleet, my xbox one is DarkKeyMage.....
Unknown Person
November 21 2016 Permalink
If your still around ill add you in say 10 minutes as just back from work.

December 05 2016 Permalink
Yay I figured it out haha... was hoping to join your fleet and actually have some people to play with lol

Unknown Person
December 05 2016 Permalink
Ive just got in from work so if you message me when your online on xbox ill add you if thats ok. rickstewart1978

Welcome to the fleet, our parties are open, jump in chat.
Unknown Person
January 15 2019 Permalink
I'm looking join the Xbox one fleet gamertags o PAINE II.
Been gaming a long time almost at 200k gamer score and I have 4 toons at 65 none have a fleet
Unknown Person
January 15 2019 Permalink
Should I be worried all these posts are from 2016? Lol