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January 15 2017
Hi! How do people prefer to connect in-game? The chat interface in STO is a bit clunky on console. But I do have the PSN and PS Messages apps on my phone. What do other folks use?
Zander Hawk
I usually just text chat with my keyboard. I haven't checked out the settings to see if the game supports a headset. I suppose that if you have Teamspeak on your phone or tablet you can use that -I have the TS app on my phone and ipad.

I will normally try to join a party and chat on the game or message through PS messenger

Unknown Person
When on a team, the game has integrated voice chat.
If playing not on team I usually use PlayStation's Party chat.
I created the Outreach Community on PSN for this purpose.
But I think a lot of players like to play individually and don't chat socially.

You are (all) always welcome to hit me up, I'll let you know I if I'm for some reason not available to chat.

I do chat on keyboard as well, though I've a feeling I miss messages in the slew of other info in the chat window. Would be nice if STO PS4 had a dedicated fleet tab, instead of just the channel :/