Stonewall Alliance

Stonewall Alliance

This group is for those members who are playing Star Wars: The Old Republic as part of our guilds Stonewall Alliance (Light) and Stonewall Coalition (Dark).

If you need assistance please contact our SWTOR officer @Trick


ChamorroShenz shared a note

How can I join? I'm on Star Forge, and have some on Satele Shan. Returning player, and not picky about which server I play on lol

Jarvist shared a note

Hey there, how can I join KoS? I'm on Harbinger, char name is Jarvist. Thanks!
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Victoria Dawson

VicMjolnir commented on the note

Online on SWTOR now, if you need an invite. I am Eedono Nyriss on the Repub side. Make sure to join the command channel of "/cjoin los" and "/cjoin kos"
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Victoria Dawson
January 26 2017 Permalink
getting on real fast then thank you :)
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Victoria Dawson

VicMjolnir shared a note

Hello i am looking to join the guild, i am fine with either Rep or Imp, which server is the guild on?

mjw127 shared a note

Looking for an invite to the Empire guild please

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