X needs an Invite



X needs an Invite

August 30 2015
I would like to rejoin the guild if I may for both republic and empire...i wish i had a better idea of when i would be on lol ugh
Rolando Castillo


X needs an Invite

October 04 2015
I'm a returning KoS'er and I was wondering if I could get an invite for my main alt Casro?

Thank you!


X needs an Invite

October 22 2015
looking for a guild invite - Sevmonstro (republic side)

also, looking for a leveling buddy as I'm really lost. currently level 10.

Thanks in advance!


X needs an Invite

January 10 2016
It seems like the SW:TOR bug has bit me! I'd like to request an invite to the guild for my character, Bai-jin (Jedi Knight, Republic).

Thanks! x

X needs an Invite

October 01 2016
Greetings :)

Would love an invite to LOS, character name Cyrdic.

Am hoping to be online next between 8-10am tomorrow, or am usually on after 6pm during the week (UK times).

Many thanks :)
Sean Parks


X needs an Invite

December 18 2016
Hello, I would like an invite to LOS, I'm currently on 12/18 until 10:00pm but will be on 12/19 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm EST, My character's name is Velioder.
Brendan McIntyre


X needs an Invite

February 10 2017

I joined back in April but have decided to be more active in SWTOR now and I looking for an invite, it looks like I never received one. The invite would be for KoS, I am typically on after 7 PM EST under the username name Ailtire. Looking forward to meeting everyone. 
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Lars Zandor


X needs an Invite

April 20 2017
Could I get an invite for Zandor Thuredrith to Lords of Stonewall please?
Leon Keogh Hendricken


X needs an Invite

July 11 2018

I have an agent that would like to join Lords of Stonewall please.  The name is Kéodin and is on the Satele Shan server I will be on for pretty much the rest of the day :)




X needs an Invite

August 31 2018
my pub side alts. these are my alts, LF invite to jedi guild if there is one.
and yes, the commando's name is random generated by BW XD
if i'm on discord, i'm online, DM me. if i don't answer right away, i'm either mid mission in a fight or random afk.
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X needs an Invite

October 20 2018
Is anyone still playing SWTOR? I have 2 imps and 1 pub that need invites into Stonewall guilds on Shan server.