Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow

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Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow

5 days ago

Another Stonewall Gaming #WritingContest is upon us and we're excited to announce the theme of our 2022 writing contest: "Sagas of Sorrow!"  Running now through July 31st, 2022, we're inviting all members of SGN to submit a story of their in-game character from their favorite game, whether it be Star Trek Online or any other, but we want you to incorporate one of the following tragedy themed writing prompts in your submission:

Writing prompt choice selections:
  • Write a story that spans a month during which everything changes for the worse
  • Write a story that either starts or ends with someone or something saying "please, don't do it"
  • Write about your character being followed by misfortune that they just can't seem to shake
  • Write about your character being a pivotal part of a terrible world or universe changing event
  • Write about your character being captured and tormented by the enemy
  • Write about your character shouldering an unspeakable burden for those who do not realize that they are
  • Write about your character being challenged by lies that were spread about them, causing no one to trust them
  • Write about your character's dreams being crushed either by their own decisions, someone sabotaging them or personal circumstances
  • Write about your character being deceived by the one person they have left (such as their partner, family member, friend or other trusted person)
  • Write about your character being in love with someone who doesn't love them back or doesn't want to return their affections because of prejudice (eg. societal standards, illness, etc)
Whichever writing prompt you choose to work with, we want you to tug at our heart strings so hard that we can't help but sob uncontrollably in the tub as we read your entries!

We'll share every submission with the entire community for them to enjoy, but we'll also be looking for the top three entries that excel in three criteria that we'll detail below.  This contest is open to all members of the Stonewall community, regardless of which games you play.  We're so very eager for you, SGN's amazing writing talents, to once again share your talent and creativity with us and your community!

To participate in Stonewall's "Sagas of Sorrow" writing contest, you must post your entry here, in this thread, before day's end on July 31st, 2022.  Please use the #WritingContest hashtag in your entries.  Your posted entry must comply with these additional rules to be eligible:

  1. Your story must in some way relate to one of your in-game characters
  2. Your story must include one (or more if you want) of the writing prompts above
  3. Your story must be your own original work (plagiarism will result in disqualification)
  4. Don't actually make your story saga length; we need to be able to read it in a single sitting!
  5. The content of your story must not be edited after the submission deadline of July 31st
Only one entry per community member, please.  While we encourage you to include graphics to supplement your Sagas of Sorrow, only the written narrative portion of your entry will be judged.  Instructions on how to incorporate graphics in your post can be found by clicking here.

As always, we'll be looking for the THREE stand-out stories among all of the entries.  As we've done in the past, a panel of three judges will individually rate each of the entries in the categories of creativity, detail and impact.  The average of all three judge's rankings of an entry will produce the final score against which, the other entries will be ranked!  

The winning contest entries will be recognized on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media feeds.  We'll also be giving away a participation prize of 5 Stonewall Credits to all those who enter!  The prize packs are as follows:

First place:
  1. 12 Stonewall Credits, AND, your choice of either:
  2. 20 Master Keys in Star Trek Online, OR
  3. $25.00 Redbubble Gift Card to purchase Stonewall Merchandise!
Second place:
  1. 10 Stonewall Credits, AND your choice of either:
  2. 10 Master Keys in Star Trek Online OR
  3. $20.00 Redbubble Gift Card to purchase Stonewall Merchandise!
Third place:
  1. 7 Stonewall Credits!
  2. $15.00 Redbubble Gift Card to purchase Stonewall Merchandise!
*Stonewall credits can be saved and/or redeemed for in-game merchandise through the Stonewall Credits Store.

Good luck to all participants!  We can't wait to read your entries!

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