Spring Readiness Initiative

Ted Hembach


Spring Readiness Initiative

April 28 2019
Here is a picture of our hiking trip on Risa. Its T'Lara and her friend Skrabnadlug with our guide Voleron showing us the secrets of Risa...

And here is the Club Wear of Valorin on her trip to Mirror Hathon:

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Spring Readiness Initiative

April 28 2019
Skrabnadlug was impressed by that dark cave Voleron took us in. Glad I had a torch. My friend T'Lara was scared.

And this my friend Melor on a night out:

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Unknown Person

Spring Readiness Initiative

April 29 2019

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Spring Readiness Initiative

April 30 2019
Whew, that was a blast! The Morale Department is happy to announce the winners of the Spring Readiness Initiative:


1st Place - Gareth and Cal, both for the creativity and effort they put in their entries

2nd Place - Team Voleron, T'Lara and Hippiepunk for their Risa Hiking trip

3rd Place - Audiored, for sharing the beautiful Canadian-like Spring


1st Place - Kalen, the mistress of the night 

2nd Place - Voleron's hunky mirror ensemble 

3rd Place - IMTrick's Easter Eggztravaganza

I will send out your ingame prizes shortly, and you will receive your Stonewall Credit rewards soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you all for participating in the Spring Readiness Initiative
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Kevin Van Eeten


Spring Readiness Initiative

April 30 2019
Hip hip... Hooooray! Congratulations to all the winners!
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Dave (Voleron)


Spring Readiness Initiative

May 01 2019
Thanks for running this fun event, @Balduranne! I really enjoyed my Risian hike with the Teds... the fresh, mountain air filling my lungs... especially nice after a long winter of recycled air aboard my starship! I'll always take any excuse to go clubbing in the mirror universe too. There's a lover's passion there that just can't be replicated in the prime.

A shout out to everyone who participated and a big congrats to the winners!
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Patrick Aka Trick


Spring Readiness Initiative

May 02 2019
Thanks, @Balduranne! Not just for running the event, but for making me look so damn good in my photo shoot.
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